Their daily special was flied lice

Also for your dining pleasure ...

Also for your dining pleasure …

Mid-town Chinese restaurant shuttered after investigators find rats, mice and roaches on the menu


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4 responses to “Their daily special was flied lice

  1. Cobra

    Jumpin’ Jack Russell Roast…isn’t that Dog Breath Obozo’s favorite Indonesian entree?

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    DUDE!! I have eaten there many times. The food was really good. My favorite waitress, It No Chik Hen, always recommended the General Tsao’s for some reason. She always told me “you likey”. It was always really good.

    Her boss, Chin Tu Fat, was a bit of a slob though. And the valet, No Pah King, was slow getting your car. And sometimes, the matre day… the maiter de…the guy who got you your table, whose name was Yu Go Nao, gave you the bums rush, which could be annoying.

    But overall, it was usually a very fine dining experience. And after dinner, I usually stayed for a cocktail at the bar with Yung Thin Ho. So I am sorry to hear about these issues. I will have to speak to the owner, Ho Lee Fuk.

    Your Pal,

  3. Rivman

    Ho Lee Fuk was one of the Asiana Airlines pilots with Wi Tu Lo.