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Sbarro’s files for bankruptcy (again) – blames diminishing mall traffic. I’m not particularly interested in the loss of cardboard pizza outlets – there are plenty more – but this seems to be further evidence that the worst blight to hit modern American culture in the past half-century, the super mall, may be fading away. Bring on the bulldozers.


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2 responses to “Commercial real estate

  1. Anonymous

    Short all mall REITS. Buy leaps for cardboard box, sealed air and delivery companies. As the boomers die off, so does mall / strip mall retail.

    What to do with all that retail space? Amazon warehouse/distribution centers, naturally, for same day delivery.

  2. anon

    I figured Sbarro made more dough at all the highway rest stop places they have than at a mall. Today most bigger gas stations have food chains inside, from Duncan Donuts to Sbarro.