Hitler’s occupation of Rhineland was too

Uncontested arrival, 1936

Uncontested arrival, 1936

Administration says we’re not witnessing an invasion of Ukraine by Russia, but rather, “an uncontested arrival”. 

When Hitler sent troops into Rhineland in 1936, his army was so weak that “two gendarmes on bicycles” (William Manchester) could have stopped them, and the German general staff was convinced that when he was stopped, Hitler’s government would collapse. But as the generals planned a new government, Hitler had taken the measure of his foe and sent the troops across the bridge to make an “uncontested arrival.” The roundup of the Jews and native French followed immediately thereafter. You, but not Obama, know the rest of the story.

UPDATE: Putin asks Russian parliament to (rubber stamp) his decision to mobilize troops and send them into Ukraine.  Just in case his arrival turns out to be contested after all, I suppose. Reached on the golf course, out-of-town, weekend fund rising trip, President Obama declined comment.


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16 responses to “Hitler’s occupation of Rhineland was too

  1. Anonymous

    what difference does it make!

  2. Fox

    Perhaps it’s a (yuk) “uncontested arrival” because Russians make up nearly 60% of the Crimean population and outnumber Ukrainians by more than 2 to 1?

    • And the Rhineland and Czechoslovakia had “Germans” – the point is not that anyone wants war, but rather, what’s the best way to prevent it? Churchill argued that for a decade that Europe should stand up to Hitler as he built up his army, navy and air force, all in violation of the Treaty of Versailles, and crept into neighboring countries. The vast majority of citizens and politicians in England and France were as desperate as Churchill to avoid a resumption of WWI, but they felt that appeasement would do that. Captured documents and interviews with German generals after the war proved that Churchill had been right: the least bit of resistance, early on, would have stopped Hitler. As it is, there was none, and Hitler grew bolder, kept expanding and finally invaded Poland which proved to be the final straw. By that time, Hitler had been convinced that Europe would never take a stand, and he was genuinely surprised when it did.
      Point being, while it’s too late to save Ukraine, Obama’s and Europe’s dithering and hand writing and, ultimately, inaction, is setting the stage for a war caused by miscalculation. Not just Russia: China and Iran are observing the western world’s hapless response to unfolding events and at least one of them will move to take advantage of our paralysis. At some point, armed conflict will become inevitable, with completely unknown results.
      Obama would know this had he studied history, but like most modern students, he had no interest in the irrelevant goings on of old dead white Europeans or Romans or Greeks. Gender studies and victimhood classes, he got.

      • Tony

        Well stated Chris. No body want war but…..
        When Churchill heard what Chamberlain had done re: the Sudaten land…
        he said “The prime Minister had a choice between dishonor and war, and he chose dishonor, but he will soon have war”
        Moral: appeasement seldom works with dictators

  3. Anonymous

    Barry is purging the U.S. officer corps of the real fighting commanders and steadily replacing them with compliant political apparatchiks. The line troops are being weakened by the addition of poofters and feminists detached from the knowledge, culture, and cumulative experience of American war-fighting.

    • CatoRenasci

      And remember, the senior officer corps is still feeling the effects of the Clinton 1993-2000 cleansing of the officer corps of the most effective mid-level officers from the first Gulf War. The senior ranks now are filled with those who learned to go along and get along during Hillary and Bill’s first reign.

  4. Mazama

    Barry and Vlad during a recent, happier moment:

  5. Chief Scrotum

    Seems more like a Pentagon budget grab than anything else.

    If you want wars to fight and be ‘righteous’, bring back the draft and see how you feel as your kids go off to fight for Crimea or some other place you didn’t know existed until CNN told you about it. Its more about oil and gas prices anyway.

    The US military hasn’t won and maintained peace anywhere since WW2 – heck, the US cant even impose its will on some third world sandpit called Syria. Are you really going to go oppose Russia who will pull you into a real shooting war? And anyways, we’re too busy fighting over a cake shop who wouldnt bake a cake for some gay couple to worry about anything else. Right?

    • Anonymous

      You will get your draft – it will only take a couple more years of sticking our head in the sand and ignoring the expanding threats of Russia, China and Iran. At that point we will wake up like England in 1939 and then have no choice. Instead, we dither and focus on made-up concerns such as AGW, the “war” on women, “civil rights”, etc. while abandoning the beliefs and virtues that made this country what it was.

      Despite all the ideologues screaming otherwise, it isn’t about endless wars and blood for oil. It’s about peace through strength, establishing a deterrence through real and emboldened conviction. Instead we have a feckless leader with laughable “red lines”.

      It is somewhat understandable how actions in Iran, Syria, Ukraine, etc. seem inconsequential and distant to the US population, but it would be desirable to have at least one student of history and serious leader in our administration.

      Sad and scary how we are destined to repeat the errors of the past.

      • Walt

        You aren’t comfortable with the country being led by the High School Debate team? Which ignores issues of paramount importance, and world shaping events? The Idiot in Chief has long believed the US has had too much influence on world affairs.

        Just like he believes in wealth redistribution, he also believes in power redistribution. He is consciously lowering the USA’s strength in the world. We have gone from being Babe Ruth to Urkel on the international arena. Putin is bitch slapping us at will. All part of Barrys game plan to weaken our international profile.

        And domestically? Harry Reid calls us all liars. There is no problem with Obamacare, and anyone who disagrees is a BIG FAT LIAR!!

        All Barry cares about is the gay agenda, so he and Reggie can live in harmony when he leaves office. Which I am fine with, BTW. BUT DO SOMETHING ELSE YOU MORON. Not you Dude. The Limp Wrist in Chief.

  6. Cobra

    Not sure of the likelihood of the “But all is not lost” part, but up to that point this article is quite accurate.

  7. AJ

    You guys might think Obama is weak because . . . But you’d be wrong because — ‘CNN’s Don Lemon: Yesterday, Obama ‘Became the Black President’’.

    “CNN anchor Don Lemon became visibly emotional on Thursday after President Barack Obama announced an initiative aimed at helping minority youth to graduate from high school and train for careers. On Friday, Lemon expanded on his impressions, telling CNN anchor Carol Costello that Obama “became the black president” in that moment.

    “It sounds like a great program,” Costello remarked. “But, Don, as you well know, it takes more than money and programs to solve racism.”

    “Do you think the president will continue to be vocal, to be blunt, since his term is ending?” she asked. “Is this a time to be America’s black president?”[…]”


  8. Tawm

    part of a good analysis on Forbes.com:

    5. What Will Be The Consequences?

    If Putin does annex Crimea, it will surely bring international condemnation and, quite probably, some form of implicit or explicit trade sanctions. With its weakened economy, that is not something that Russia can easily afford and a downturn can be expected. If the price of oil drops 15%-20%, the country could suffer a crisis on the level of what it endured in the 1990′s.

    Putin will also see a military buildup in his backyard. NATO membership for Georgia, with the advanced weapon systems and training it will bring, will surely degrade Russian national security. The port of Batumi (see map above), could also serve as an important military asset.

    Perhaps most importantly, annexation of Crimea will mean that Putin has lost Ukraine for good. It will be a transgression that will not be forgotten or forgiven and will speed up European aid and integration.

    The Crimean Tartars, with their deep hatred of Russia, will resist Russian sovereignty, possibly resulting in a situation similar to the one in war-torn Chechnya. The Russian President is, in effect, sowing the seeds of conflict for decades to come.

    And that is what is so worrying about Putin’s latest moves. They show that he is clearly a desperate man, willing to make a clean break with Ukraine and Europe, risk an acceleration of Georgia’s membership in NATO—an event that he wants to avoid almost as much as losing Ukraine—cripple his own economy and suppress yet another indigenous population. All for little tangible gain.

    It appears that Putin feels that he has nothing left to lose.

  9. Anonymous

    Barry is busy building up arms. Heck the social security administration and all the other 3 letters have received enough bullets and riot gear to keep us all in check. They all operate with impunity and violate the Constitution. Did you really expect Barry and the boys to come to the aid of those who dared an uprising against their dictator in chief?

  10. Anonymous

    Mr. President, the 1930″s called; they want their foreign policy back.