Modern society: bit by dog Friday, lawyered up by Saturday

Adam Rothenbrg, Esq. races to his client's aid.

Adam Rothenberg, Esq. races to his client’s aid.

Tragedy strikes when Bullmastiff kills one boy, bites another.

A 13-year-old New Jersey boy was killed and another seriously hurt by a huge bullmastiff that escaped its Paterson home and mauled the children as they were walking home from school, authorities said.

The kids ran in different directions and got separated during the Friday afternoon attack at Crosby and Rossiter avenues, Paterson police said. But only one made it to safety.

The surviving teen was taken to St. Joseph’s Medical Center for a bite to his arm, family lawyer Adam Rothenberg said.

“It’s a horrendous situation,” Rothenberg told The Post. “My client fled for his life.”

Of course it was a horrible thing; I just find it interesting how quickly a lawyer appeared on the scene to “represent” the boy who was bitten. I wonder who beat Mr. Rothenberg to the dead boy’s family?


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3 responses to “Modern society: bit by dog Friday, lawyered up by Saturday

  1. Rivman

    Very sad.
    Although given it’s academy awards time, reminds me of Paul Newman in The Verdict, master ambulance chaser.

  2. Anonymous

    About 25 years ago I was attacked by a dog while working as a paperboy for the Greenwich Times, right here in our very own Greenwich. I was lucky, an adult was there to pull the dog off me. I was stitched up at Greenwich Hospital and I turned ok, if not a bit scarred by the events.

    At the time, my parents lawyered up and sued the owner, extracting a nice settlement from the owner’s insurance company. It was the owner’s insurance company that required the dog be euthanized — the owner had no intention of putting down an animal that had a history of violence. go figure. Imagine if my parents hadn’t sued, would that dog have gone on to harm someone else? The point being, it was the financial pain that created results and probably saved some other kid from my fate.

    As an aside, it troubles me to see the proliferation of pitbulls in town. I see them with some frequency. A few years ago, owning a pitbull was solely the realm of drug dealers, hardly a breed for civilized suburbanites. I’ve heard all the arguments about (“it’s the owner, not the dog!”) crap before, but when I see some 12 year old girl walking an unwieldy pittbull, I can’t help but think that its only a matter of time before something goes terribly wrong.

  3. Flash

    My mother was walking her 15 mix when an unleashed golden retriever ran up grapped her dog’s back and almost shook him to death. Owner said her dog does not bite, never happened before, wasn’t her fault.
    I’ve just got to say IT’S THE OWNER.