Snow joke, or maybe it is

blizzard331092Weatherunderground predicts just 1-3″ of snow from this storm, everyone else seems to think we’re looking at 3 -6″, with the higher range more likely. I’m hoping they’re all wrong, and we get a foot or more, but I’m surprised at the discrepancy between the competing forecasters. Six inches might close schools, one inch probably won’t (except in Greenwich). One way to find out who’s right, and that’s to wait 36 hours.


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4 responses to “Snow joke, or maybe it is

  1. o/t:
    kudos to wolves and people who hunt deer (or elk or any potato-y things with antlers):

  2. anony

    I agree. Let it snow.

    Did you know Canaan Valley is a micro climate that gets unusual amounts of snow? Like 20+ feet?

    They mispronounce “Canaan” down there.

  3. Anonymous

    not even a flake from this storm