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Here’s a Riverside sale that slipped past me

It was never on the MLS: New construction, 8 Druid Lane LLC to Christopher J. Gaulin; $3,895,000. This was the site of the Standard’s house, that sold for $1.360 back in December 2012. Obviously, the house is no more.


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Obama won’t go to Sochi, but he’ll bring (worse than) Sochi to us


Barry does Damascus

Barry does Damascus

Issues visa to homophobic Imam for nationwide hate tour.

Sheikh Mohammad Rateb al-Nabulsi was issued a visa for a 17-city tour of US mosques to raise money and support for the Syrian uprising. He arrived New Year’s Day.

The radical Syrian cleric has made no secret of his virulent anti-gay views. Appearing April 28, 2011, on al Aqsa TV, the official network of the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza, al-Nabulsi said: “Homosexuality involves a filthy place and does not generate offspring. Homosexuality leads to the destruction of the homosexual. That is why, brothers, homosexuality carries the death penalty.”

The Muslim leader came to the United States for a fundraising tour for a newly formed coalition of radical Islamist militias fighting Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. The Syrian civil war has cost more than 100,000 civilian lives, according to United Nations’ estimates.

The Syrian American Council submitted al-Nabulsi’s visa request to the State Department’s Syria desk. A Department official told the American Media Institute that all visa requests, especially for individuals from countries on the State Department’s list of state sponsors of terrorism, get scrutinized.

“Every visa applicant undergoes a screening to detect connections to terrorism, and that includes inputs from multiple federal partners,” the official said.

Asked whether al-Nabulsi’s televised remarks calling for killing homosexuals and Jews should have banned him from travel to America, a second State Department official, specializing in visa requests, pointed to Section 212(a)(3) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, which covers a broad range of terrorist-related activity, including promoting the use of violence and incitement. Nonetheless, the visa was issued.

“Under current policy, a foreign national applying for a US visa who is known to have promoted jihad and suicide bombings would be ordinarily deemed ‘undesirable’ and denied a visa,” according to a report from the Investigative Project on Terrorism, a Washington, DC-based group founded by investigative reporter Steven Emerson.

“Ordinarily”, but in ObamaLand, not necessarily.


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Predator strike

Predator strike

Obama pressuring Israel to stop assassinating Iranian nuclear scientists. Would he prefer they use drones, like us?


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When bitter bugs are made, Whole Foods maids will make them


So much more fashionable than sushi

So much more fashionable than sushi

Eating bugs on the Paleo diet.

You’ve probably heard of the Stone Age diet craze known as the Paleolithic Diet, made popular most recently by Dr. Loren Cordain’s best-seller The Paleo Diet. The premise is simple: If our early human ancestors couldn’t have eaten it, we shouldn’t, either. It’s the one time, it seems, that being like a caveman is a good thing.

Naturally, so to speak, the profiteers at Whole Foods immediately saw the opportunity here to foist yet another fad diet on their gullible clientele, and you can now find cockroaches and meal worms not only in your food, but served as food, at the Whole Foods Paleo Bar. I do so admire their cynicism; if I were younger, I’d go work for these guys.


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We’re in the best of hands


Who knew?

Who knew?

Administration “experts” stunned by Putin’s invasion.

Politico report calls it “a crisis that no one anticipated.” The Daily Beastreporting on Friday’s US intelligence assessment that “Vladimir Putin’s military would not invade Ukraine,” quotes a Senate aide claiming that “no one really saw this kind of thing coming.”

If a lowly blogger, feet up on his kitchen table and sipping coffee at 5:00 am, can predict to the day when Putin would invade (not quite true; I said the day after the Olympics closed, but Putin waited two days, to give Greenwich’s Jim Bell and his NBC crew time to remove their cameras), who the hell is running the country?


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And there will be a great wailing and gnashing of teeth, yielding sweet music unto thine ears

It’s possible that this girl will succeed in life, but only in the sheltered world of academia. Imagine if a real employer were to pull this up from the Internet?

PJ Tattler: Lamentations of their women

I’ve often seen the literary phrase “lamentations of their women,” but I’ve never actually heard what such a thing sounded like — until today, that is.

In the early morning of February 26, after hours of debate, the UCLA student government rejected a motion to divest their funds from Israel, despite a concerted campaign by anti-Israel activists on campus.

Immediately after the vote, one of the anti-Israel activists on the panel burst into tears and started screaming and whining incomprehensibly, and in general throwing a tantrum worthy of a frustrated two year old. Luckily, the whole meltdown was captured on camera.

Commenters across the internet are saying that this exemplifies how liberals act when they lose. But I think it’s more than just that. This typifies the level of emotional maturity of the millennial generation who have only heard “yes” their entire lives, who have never been criticized, and who have always gotten exactly what they wanted. We are becoming a nation of spoiled children, and when reality smacks these youngsters in the face for the very first time — well, the reaction can be quite troubling or amusing, depending on how much you embrace the schadenfreude.


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Peter Hitchens offers an alternative point of view

Russia’s just sick and tired of being pushed around, and has the right to intervene in Ukraine. Unlike his brother, Peter Hitchens is a pretty interesting guy, who supported Thatcher during the Cold War, opposed intervention in Kosovo as a matter of no importance to Britain, and is a pretty free-thinking “conservative” but one who writes for the Guardian, as well as the American Spectator.

I wouldn’t bother spending time reading the output of a knee-jerk commie sympathizer, long on bumper sticker sloganeering and devoid of thought, but Hitchens is very much not that. There’s good grist here – do I agree with it? No – I think he’s profoundly wrong when he says Russia wanted to be our friend, for instance – but he does provide an interesting counter view, and I’m always grateful for that.


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It’s the patronizing, smug superiority of liberals that’s so galling

What difference, at this point, does it make?

What difference, at this point, does it make?

Michael Goodwin (be sure to read the first part of his article on Di Blasio’s war on the rich, too):

Who is going to be the first to apologize to Mitt Romney? The president, the vice president or Hillary Rodham Clinton?

All three mocked the GOP presidential candidate in 2012 when he called Russia “our number one geopolitical foe.”

Obama said his opponent was “stuck in a Cold War mind warp.” Clinton, then secretary of state, offered her two cents, saying, “In many of the areas where we are working to solve problems, Russia has been an ally.”

Biden added that “This is not 1956.”

Actually, it is 1956 — in Vladimir Putin’s Russia. The Bear is on the march, sending in thousands of troops to the Crimea region of Ukraine. The unrest that toppled the president left an opening, and the mini-invasion probably means Putin plans to annex part of the country.

Only Obama and his ship of fools were surprised. The military move came less than 24 hours after Clinton’s successor, John Kerry, said Russia promised it would “respect” Ukraine’s sovereignty.

Well, comrade, that depends on how you define “respect.”


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This ought to play well in Greenwich


Run away!

Run away!

Dustin Hoffman’s in the area filming a new movie, “Boy Choir” – Hoffman plays the musical director of a children’s choir.  No word yet whether there’ll be a screening at Christ Church.

(Telephone calls for comment from Mr. Hoffman’s local counsel, Phillip D. Russell, were not returned).


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My version is the College of Philosophy

Mine: Martin Heidegger: “we’re all gonna die – live with it.”

Courtesy of InstaPundit, this:

HIGHER EDUCATION LESSONS from Father Guido Sarducci.

If you don’t recognize the name, Father Guido was the “Saturday Night Live” persona of comedian Don Novello — a chain-smoking, wisecracking, ribald priest the real Catholic Church would defrock in a New York minute. One classic routine was the five-minute university, a faux moneymaking scheme in which Father Guido taught in five minutes all that an average college student remembers five years after graduating. All of economics, for instance, is reduced to the phrase “supply and demand.”

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Not content with Ukraine, the Russians come to Glenville

Jonathan Delafield DuBois, center, showing off his neck monitoring necklace

Jonathan Delafield DuBois, center, shows off his monitoring necklace

Greenwich Time reports (actual, original reporting, too) that the Rockefellers are selling off large chunks of their Glenville holdings to a Ruskie, who will be developing it, it seems, instead of them. This is probably a good thing for Greenwich taxpayers – the Rocks are currently paying just $2,800 for their 124 acres off Glenville/Zaccheus Mead roads, using the break given by state law to “forest land”.

In the past year, neighbors on Zaccheus Mead Road have argued that the Rockefeller company is attempting to create an entry road off their small, sought-after street in an effort to provide desirable addresses for future developments on the 124-acre parcel, noting that Zaccheus Mead carries more cachet than Glenville Road. The land corporation denies these claims, maintaining that its temporary road is used for the sole purpose of carrying out forest and wetland beautification efforts on the property.

When asked whether there were plans for a subdivision and residential development on the property, corporate shill and former Greenwich Affordable Housing head [snicker] Jonathan Delafield DuBois told Greenwich Time, “there are no plans, no commitments have been made.

‘And no commitments have been given that they won’t be made,” he continued. “So for the moment we’re engaged in forestry to improve the conservation quality of the land.”

One might assume that Attorney DuBoise, as the self-appointed spokesman for the poor of Greenwich, has been advocating the creation of 750 units of moderate-income housing for the land, but we’ll have to see  whether that assumption pans out.


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Slow learner

i SAID I was sorry

I SAID I was sorry

Ex-con, ex-governor John Rowland about to be indicted again.

Rowland, 56, is the prime target of a far-reaching FBI dragnet for political corruption in the state that also recently ensnared Rowland’s former campaign manager and several political aides of former Democratic House Speaker Chris Donovan, a top-level source close to the investigation told Hearst Connecticut Media.

Investigators got their first whiff that Rowland might be running afoul of the law again while they were probing illegal payments made by tobacco shop owners in Waterbury and several of Donovan’s associates as part of scheme to kill a proposed tax on roll-your-own cigarettes, multiple sources told Hearst. And sources told Hearst that Rowland balked at a recent plea deal offered to him by the government, setting the stage for an all-out-assault by prosecutors.

A second high-level source familiar with the dynamics of the ongoing investigation of Rowland, a former congressman who became Connecticut’s youngest governor at 37 in 1995, characterized his indictment as imminent.

“Any given day now it could be over,” the person said on the condition of anonymity. “Something’s gonna break.”

Synonymous with the pejorative of “Corrupticut,” Rowland resigned as governor in 2004 and served 10 months in federal prison for accepting improvements to his Bantam Lake cottage by state contractors and bribes.

Jeneen Lee, program director at WTIC, the 50,000-watt CBS Radio-owned station based in Farmington, said Rowland’s status [as radio host] is unchanged.

“We are monitoring the situation closely,” Lee said. “Mr. Rowland continues to host his program in the meantime.”

I think this has less to do with party affiliation – both Democrats and Republicans seem to go down with regularity in the Nutmeg State – and more with the city most of these guys come from, Waterbury. What a cesspool, and what a bunch of really dumb pols. While I’ve avoided the experience, so far, acquaintances who haven’t tell me that federal prison is a drag; but for John Rowland, it appears, once is not enough.


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