Slow learner

i SAID I was sorry

I SAID I was sorry

Ex-con, ex-governor John Rowland about to be indicted again.

Rowland, 56, is the prime target of a far-reaching FBI dragnet for political corruption in the state that also recently ensnared Rowland’s former campaign manager and several political aides of former Democratic House Speaker Chris Donovan, a top-level source close to the investigation told Hearst Connecticut Media.

Investigators got their first whiff that Rowland might be running afoul of the law again while they were probing illegal payments made by tobacco shop owners in Waterbury and several of Donovan’s associates as part of scheme to kill a proposed tax on roll-your-own cigarettes, multiple sources told Hearst. And sources told Hearst that Rowland balked at a recent plea deal offered to him by the government, setting the stage for an all-out-assault by prosecutors.

A second high-level source familiar with the dynamics of the ongoing investigation of Rowland, a former congressman who became Connecticut’s youngest governor at 37 in 1995, characterized his indictment as imminent.

“Any given day now it could be over,” the person said on the condition of anonymity. “Something’s gonna break.”

Synonymous with the pejorative of “Corrupticut,” Rowland resigned as governor in 2004 and served 10 months in federal prison for accepting improvements to his Bantam Lake cottage by state contractors and bribes.

Jeneen Lee, program director at WTIC, the 50,000-watt CBS Radio-owned station based in Farmington, said Rowland’s status [as radio host] is unchanged.

“We are monitoring the situation closely,” Lee said. “Mr. Rowland continues to host his program in the meantime.”

I think this has less to do with party affiliation – both Democrats and Republicans seem to go down with regularity in the Nutmeg State – and more with the city most of these guys come from, Waterbury. What a cesspool, and what a bunch of really dumb pols. While I’ve avoided the experience, so far, acquaintances who haven’t tell me that federal prison is a drag; but for John Rowland, it appears, once is not enough.


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