Another Jean listing

186 Lake Ave

186 Lake Ave

186 Lake Avenue, $5.9 million. Sold new for $6 in 2005, tried reselling in 2012 for $7.5. If I have the history right, this is the sister house of one just up the street on the other side of Lake. This owner missed on that one and the builder said, “I have a building lot just a few doors down – I’ll build you one exactly like this one”. And he did.


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4 responses to “Another Jean listing

  1. BigMike

    This link is taking moi to the Woodale house

  2. Flash

    Big diversity in the quality of the building materials on the front versus the back of the house. Would make me wonder about what savings were made behind the walls.
    Otherwise, close to town/ hospital/ Japanese school is a plus.

  3. Anonymous

    It’s a re-list. Previous listing expired.