Heh heh heh

Gosh, even Slate and the New Republic have joined WaPo in discovering what the rest of us knew all along: The Affirmative Action Candidate has no clothes.

SLATE: Why Obama Got Russia Wrong (and Romney Got It Right).

Also: The New Republic: Mitt Romney Was Right About Russia.

And, this:



March 4, 2014 · 9:07 am

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  1. weakleyhollow

    Not a chance. Those of us who were in uniform when that schmuck was in the White House have long memories.

  2. why are ‘we’ taking comfort with the late realization that obama is incompetent? it’s akin to the patient who was complaining of abdominal pain to her tone deaf physician for months, only to finally be told ‘you are right, you do have inoperable cancer; i wish i had figured that out earlier when we could have done something useful to help you.’

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    Because in this case the patient may still recover. All it will take is the national realization that Obama really is the stuttering clusterfuck of a miserable failure that so many of us identified mere months into his presidency.

    • Chief Scrotum

      What would you have Obama do? Everyone wants ‘something’ done, nobody proposes actionable ideas. And saying if DoD had more money doesn’t count, as tech innovations should make prior budgets fall faster than they are, eg, a B-1 is significantly more effective than a B-52 and probably 50-100 times more effective than a B 17, so you need smaller crews to operate it. Drones are cheaper than F-18s etc

      And if you want to fight a war or a proxy war over Ukraine, please say if you support the draft, with no exemptions.

      Keep in mind Poland and Lithuania have mobilized their military to their borders in case Putin decides Ukraine isn’t enough and today Sweden (Sweden!) announced in light of events, their defense budget is going up.

      • Anonymous

        Now that we are in a weak position, we have to suffer to make Russia suffer. Until Russia retreat to their naval base in the Crimea: no business or tourist visas for Russians, no student visas for Russian students, no bank transactions with Russian banks meaning no monies made here by Russian companies can be repatriated to Russia, no selling US securities or bonds to Russian nationals, forced repatriation of illegal Russian citizens in the United States, blockades of their ports (when they unfreeze), crippling of their communication satellites, isolation from international markets including currency markets, as was threatened freezing all assets of senior Russian officials and academics, placing liens on assets of Russian nationals in the United States to cover future Russian debts incurred by this illegal invasion, immediately putting Ukraine up for admission to NATO, reinforcing the Ukrainian military with weapons, food, cash, supplies and intelligence, calling a spade a spade and having Obama accuse Putin directly of orchestrating this aggression and branding him an international terrorist, taking the excess gas we know enjoy from fracking and sending it to Ukraine so that when Russia turns off the natural gas pipeline they will still have heat energy, publicly publish all Russian troop movements that we can see with our spy satellites, etc. etc. Or we can keep drawing lines in the sand that mean nothing.

        • Chief Scrotum

          Mostly admin stuff then, easily done, kick their folks out, they kick ours out. Grab their dough, they grab US dough, they probably have more dough here so all fine. You do know UK said they wouldn’t support financial restrictions right? So, its US sanctioning Russia. OK and do credit swaps kick in as everyone affected ask the insolvent banks to pay up? Or does the Fed, a la AIG make good on it all?

          Arming Ukraine , as 150,000 Russians sweep into Ukraine and head towards Europe, and blockade their ports, so basically you want a US/Russia war fought in Europe and Russia’s Pacific? Means the US/NATO have to fight a holding war until more US troops can get there. Your kids gonna get drafted and fight?

          Oh, in case you missed it, Russia test-fired an ICBM this afternoon. Maybe the war scenario isn’t that much fun.

        • le buyer

          ANONYMOUS FOR PREZ. seriously.

      • Libertarian Advocate

        “What would you have Obama do?”

        Resign immediately.

  4. Anonymous

    What did people expect when they elected a “Community Organizer”….having never balanced a budget or worked across the aisle in high level negotiations. He wasn’t qualified for the job. End of story.

    • Well the same people just elected another community organizer to run the city of New York. Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  5. Anonymous

    NYT OP-ED by Roger Cohen:


    “Obama has said Putin will pay a price. Kerry has spoken of a “huge price.” But the administration’s Syrian equivocations underwrote Putin’s assertiveness and sense of impunity. Options are now limited. This is the Age of Reluctance, a time when American power is dominant but no longer determinant. Americans have turned inward.

    The president must lead. Since 1945 America’s security and prosperity have been tied to the steady spread of liberty in a Europe made whole and free. There is a vital U.S. interest in not seeing this process reversed — not in the land of Yalta and the corpse-filled ravine of Babi Yar.”

  6. Anonymous

    There was a great comment on another thread in this blog that, in effect, stated, how did this man get elected? What has happened to this country where a man of so little experience could be elected to the highest office in the land, not once, but two times. The answer to this question will decide whether we can ever recover as a nation.

    • le buyer

      I will tell you how he was elected because I was on the ground in OHIO campaigning. Among the things that happened there: 1. Obama used federal funds to bus students from Ohio Universities to the polls. 2. Many republicans stayed home.
      Just two examples of things that i saw in ohio. Add to that some of the votes by dead people and the people who voted more than once and voila, mission accomplished.