I was completely wrong


2 Wooddale

2 Wooddale

2 Wooddale, $11.995 million, came on just a few weeks ago and is already under contract. I thought the house was fabulous, and said so, but I also thought that its modest, good taste exterior wouldn’t appeal to most buyers in this price range and that it would have to sit before it found a buyer. Not so. I’m delighted for the seller, but I’m kicking myself for declining to compete for the listing – I really thought I’d be sitting on it for a long time before it moved. Silly me.

Gideon and I were discussing the house and the one hope we had for its quick sale is that the taste for clean, open design is developing quickly. That’s great news for architects, not such good news for some of the older homes which, as I’ve mentioned, have fallen out of favor.


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21 responses to “I was completely wrong

  1. BigMike

    It backs right up to Lake Ave.
    Such a busy spot.
    Guess I was wrong too.

  2. Anonymous

    What bothered me was all the blue paint. Every room. Light blue. Bright blue. Baby blue. I’d have to paint before moving in. Otherwise, nice pad.

  3. Cos Cobber

    Many fantastic design elements – but too blue for me. Still, much to like.

  4. Anonymous

    wow, that’s quite a pad. beautiful. paint colors look good to my eyes.

    • Pal Nancy and I used to laugh at ourselves when we’d bring home paint chips for consideration because we knew we always ended up with blue anyway, so why pretend otherwise? So I certainly had no problem with the color scheme.

  5. InfoDiva

    Thank goodness the tide is turning against overwrought stone-facade ostentation. Unfortunately, our town is now littered with these eyesores.

  6. OG Reader

    These homes have been selling like hot cakes in Westport for the last 2 years with the only limit being the availability of suitable lots. Transitional design similar to the house on West End Ave in OG.

    Also love the blue – traditional, though less well known, New England color.

  7. Anonymous

    This bodes well for the mid country market. Cool house – I would change the color but that is an easy fix. I am pleasantly surprised.

  8. Anonymous

    Just add Apple monitors everywhere and you can enjoy the illusion that Man is making progress.

  9. greenwich dude

    not buying a house because of a paint color is idiotic
    no one at this price point will keep the paint

    proud to have said i loved it, knew it would go fast. this town is changing, and for the better

  10. Anonymous

    I have 10,000 sq ft and I just spent $150k getting the blue and white color scheme favored by the previous Swedish owner out. That said whoever bought this place can spend less than 1 % customize the color however he or she wants. Now to get the blue tile out.

  11. Anonymous

    Why didn’t you call this house a white elephant?

  12. Anonymous

    It’s a Blue Diamond.

  13. Thank you Chris for your kind words on the design. My team at Saniee Architects who helped me with the project is happy that you agree that good design sells. Design well, sell well.

  14. Anonymous

    Mahdad–you designed a beautiful house. Couple years back we almost bought the poor man’s version of your place, at 313 Den Rd. in Stamford. That house is similar in design to parts of yours. It’s the Swedish barn look, and lots of blue, no less!