Jean Ruggerio’s back

115 Maple Avenue

115 Maple Avenue

Jean parted company with Raveis a couple of weeks ago but she’s back today with a listing at 115 Maple Avenue, an 1880 home on 0.87 acre asking $3.6 million. A Skakel house, but he’s moved on. The broker is listed as “Kennedy and Holmes’ but I see that that’s a part of Douglas Elliman, which makes sense: I’d heard they were coming back into town, and it makes sense they’d use Jean to lead the charge.


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13 responses to “Jean Ruggerio’s back

  1. Anonymous

    Been following you for a while and really love your blog. Been avoiding comments on our old property 84 Burning Tree Road. Ouch! Very wrong and sold for a pittance but Manhattan suits us better. Think your blogs are quite brilliant though!

  2. Anonymous

    PS Did you know there’s a rehab facility called Burning Tree. That makes sense!

  3. Anonymous

    Did she get her own dedicated parking space at her new digs?

  4. Anonymous

    Different Skakel than the Moxley killer. Cousin. But moved on… and out… as well.

  5. towny

    The DiVasto Ruggerio clan are good hardworking people.

  6. Jean Ruggiero

    Thank you so much to all of my wonderful friends…All I can say is I love you and am proud to have been there for you and you for me for all these years.
    It makes my heart warm with the many calls and love I have received and all I can say…Thank you all and god bless you!. Im so excited! xx

  7. le buyer

    Jean = AWESOME

  8. Anonymous

    Is Raveis having an exodus of quality people lately?

  9. Mickster

    Are we done with this love-fest, already?
    Seriously. best of luck with your comeback, Jean!!

  10. North St Owner

    Pardon my ignorance, but w/o MLS screen it is impossible to know what’s for sale. Is this a land sale? Or is this house in good conditions? Is it R-20 zone? Because if it is one can build over 8,500sqft monster pad in-town, right?