Maybe, maybe not

Three new listings in Riverside and Old Greenwich this morning (I’ll link when the photos are up), each asking in excess of $4 million. These are not new homes, although I’m sure they’ve been renovated over the years. I’m dubious – none of these are on streets where older homes have broken this price range, but as always, it’s not my opinion that counts, it’s the buyers’.


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14 responses to “Maybe, maybe not

  1. xyzzy

    Speaking of Old Greenwich, has anything sold in Lucas point since Super Storm sandy?

    Someone told me nothing has traded in that area since the storm, but that seemed like a long time for nothing to have sold down there since there seemed to be a lot on the market.

  2. Riverside Chick

    Are they on the open house schedule for thurs? I’d love to hear your reviews.

    • I’m sure they will be. I’ll stress that I have not seen these homes, and my initial skepticism is based solely on general price levels, not the merits of the house itself.

  3. mecca...not

    r…side and old g… are not the center of the world in my universe…can you broadcast back cuntry more.

  4. Jonathan

    Chris, have you played around with this service that launched in the last month or so? It seems to give back country homes higher likelihood for appreciation than old greenwich and riverside. But it may depend on the property (i.e., size of home and lot relative to neighbors).

  5. ShedLessToolMan


    How can this thing be any more accurate than a zillow estimate? It just uses an algorithm. Most likely it include the tax assessment as an input and those happen to be more inline in backcountry as the other areas still need to catch up.

    I would not trust this service as much as a broker with geographic specific knowledge.

  6. Mr"T"'sBuddy

    Please come to the BOH Thursday in Riverside for the $4mill+ new listing. My guess this the only “old” thing you will find is the listing agent. You may be surprised..

  7. le buyer

    At least from the photos, 150 Riverside ave. looks to be significantly overpriced. xoxo, Le buyer, not invited to le brokers open