Sales reported


25 Pleasant Street

25 Pleasant Street

25 Pleasant Street, Cos Cob, full price, $1.025 million. Sold for $950,000 in 2011, sellers added new master bedroom and bath since then.

3 building lots, 647 River Road (East side of Mianus), $1.7 million


81 Husted Lane

81 Husted Lane

81 Husted Lane, one, 2-acre house with teardown, bidding war – $1.950 ask, $2.110 sold. That’s about the going rate for mid-country land these days.




73 Glenville Rd

73 Glenville Rd

73 Glenville Road, $2.260 million, $2.495 ask. Last sold in 2005 for $2.2.





40 Park Avenue (Greenwich)

40 Park Avenue (Greenwich)

40 Park Avenue, Greenwich, $3.050 million. Great location, nice house, it just wasn’t worth the $4.150 it originally asked, so it sat. I thick $3s a bit low for this, but missing the mark on pricing can have a depressing effect on ultimate sale price.  (Zillow, by the way, shows a sale in 2011 that, so far as I know and can tell, never happened. Zillow can be funny like that).


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4 responses to “Sales reported

  1. ts

    Wetlands question: What sort of discount (if any) should be requested if a buyer’s due diligence determines the .40 acre property has wetlands and would limit expansions/additions (e.g., more sq footage, garage, deck, shed)?

    No mention of wetlands on property in listing or subsequent discussions, although there is a visible small stream at edge of property and small pond at far end of adjacent property, but the property otherwise appeared dry.

    • Jonathan

      I’m not Chris, but I think this depends on the home and your pool of buyers. I had a small, well renovated home (custom kitchen cabs, marble baths, wood shingle roof, etc) on 0.4 acres within walking distance of several amenities. Downsizers did not care about expandability – they wanted a smallish move in ready home close to amenities – and ignored the wetlands. It sold quickly in a bidding war, 5 bidders, 4 all cash. Other modest sized unrenovated homes, far from amenities or in a poor location, wetlands could equal 30% discount easily.

      • Guest

        You were smart. Renovating is what you need to do to maximize the price. It almost always gives you a premium. Not sure about the relative premium but definitely more than you put in if it is a new and tasteful renovation.

        Not sure about the wooden roof though and whether that really adds. Doing the kitchen, baths, trim, doors and wood floors and maybe a little modernization so something inside at least starts to look two storyish makes a big difference in price.

        You need to have a suitable house for downsizers for this mint idea to work. But if you do, and do it up right, you should do well in your sale.

  2. Guest

    Husted was just very underpriced, and not clear why. At least they were not stupid enough to sell to a builder or neighbor without a broker.

    Look at 108 Birch Lane (no broker) vs. 88 Birch Lane (broker worked very hard to get the seller his price). 108 sold a $2 million lot for $1.65ish. 88, a lesser house and lesser lot than 108, went for $1.9. Both sales at about the same time.

    Hard to explain why some people with a lot of money are stupid enough not to learn about the real estate market before signing on the dotted line.