Flotsam from the Antares explosion resurfaces

elegant, without being overly ostentatious?

elegant, without being overly ostentatious?

Wife of one of the Antares Boyz returns her house at 44 Moreland Road to the market, still asking $17.9 million. I suspect its difficulties lie less with the price as its size: 17,400 square feet. Not many people want that much house. (Or barn beams in a formal house)

44 Moreland Road

44 Moreland Road


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27 responses to “Flotsam from the Antares explosion resurfaces

  1. Anonymous

    I’d buy it and rent a room or 10 on craigslist, offset the gardening cost.

  2. Patrick

    It’s 9,439 square feet per the tax card. Still a big house.

  3. Riverslide

    Didn’t know the owners had split up. I think 9 out of 10 women in her age bracket in town are selfish and/or bitchy, but she seemed damned near perfect.

  4. LAK

    Looks like it can be a country club.

  5. Greenwich Gal

    They are divorcing? Really?

  6. Greenwich Gal

    It would make sense to have the house in her name.
    Also – she is a lovely lady and in spite of the business errors her husband has made, he is a nice guy as well. They support their local schools and he coaches kids in lacrosse. Sometimes people make bad bets. Happens.

  7. le buyer

    I love this Alas, out of our price range.
    Hidden staircase – my kid would love that. Talk about a teen rec room!
    Who is the lady in the video? If she’s a realtor she’s in the wrong business, belongs on TV.

  8. Anonymous

    Wow Greenwich Gal knows everybody. She even knows the Antares Brothers. She must be very successful and social. I wish I was Greenwich Gal.

  9. anon.

    Are you joking “le buyer” she was on TV, a reporter.

    • le buyer

      I am not joking – I don’t watch TV.

    • Riverside Dog Walker

      Thanks for the link. I watch a bit of TV but did not recognize her as Kendra Farn. She always seemed like a smart and classy person. Makes sense what she is doing now, having aged out of her TV job. Not fair, but it has happened to a lot of us in corporate america.

  10. Anonymous

    Greenwich Gal is on TV? Wow.

  11. Cos Cobber

    It’s a nicer home than I thought. Love that hidden staircase. The video production was a good idea.

  12. trayvon

    Cougars wilding all over Fairfield County. It will all end in tears!……….and wrinkles/cankles!

    • housecat

      We have our plastic surgeons and pilates instructors deal with such things in FF county, Tray.

  13. Greenwich Gal

    Thanks for nice support, Toonces. We love you too. And for setting Trayvon straight, housecat. While wrinkles may be inevitable – cankles – NEVER.

  14. Brid

    How many wet bars?

  15. trayvon

    Don’t most of the old models (cougars) in FF get traded in before wrinkle time?

  16. Greenwich Gal

    Trayvon – dude – please. We are the trophy wives.

  17. Anonymous

    I don’t know Cos Cobber….. Greenwich Gal and Housecat have some pretty sparkly personalities. That counts for something.