Rough justice


Thomas Bagley, Geek

Thomas Bagley, Geek

Duke freshman who outed fellow student as a porn star is in turn outed as a porn addict, spending $1,000 a month of his parents money on watching other people have sex.

The Duke freshman who ratted out a classmate as a porn star is himself a prolific porn purchaser, a top skin-flick distributor claims.

Big-mouthed frat boy Thomas Bagley shells out $1,000 a month as a subscriber to hard-core porn site, according to Mike Kulich, CEO of Monarchy Distribution.

“I would like to thank you for being such a fan of our business,” Kulich wrote in an open letter on the Internet to Bagley.

“I want to commend you for spending the $200 a week your parents send you every week for living expenses wisely. Facial Abuse is a great site! … I like your taste!”

“I want to also commend you on getting accepted into Duke. Great school! I am sure your parents are proud,” Kulich continued. “You are the type of guy that makes our business move.”

Bagley sparked a firestorm when he learned that a female freshman classmate was moonlighting as an adult film actress — and then blabbed to his friends.

In fact, Bagley did more than just “blab to his friends”. He confronted the girl and when she begged him not to publicize her after-school activities, he went right ahead anyway. Jerk.


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10 responses to “Rough justice

  1. Anonymous

    I guess you could say that karma just pile drived him. Of course, his name is priceless too, T. Bag. Those in glass houses…

  2. Anyone else think that Walt’s real name is Tom Bagley? It would explain a lot of his comments.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Walt’s hilarious. Sounds like Bagley is a just a no talent skeezy pimple laden schmuck who’s porn expenses are in a direct inverse relationship to his ability to negotiate intimate relations for free from among his fellow female Dukians.

  3. She says she’s planning to double major in Sociology and Women’s Studies, so at least the $240k she’s going to spend at Duke won’t be wasted. She also refers to herself as a “threat to the patriarchy”.

    I see a career in politics in her future.