Gotta love it

Dominos falling

Domino’s falling

Massive new housing project on Brooklyn’s Domino Sugar site, approved by Blumberg, expanded by De Belasio, will ruin views and swamp liberals’ neighborhoods. I hope they add wind turbines in the East River, too.

Mayor de Blasio’s ambitious housing plan is now towering over the city — and after the approval of a massive development in Brooklyn, some advocates and preservationists are cowering in its shadow.

Their concern is this: Will de Blasio’s promise to let developers build larger and taller in exchange for creating affordable housing overwhelm neighborhoods with hulking buildings that hurt the quality of life?

“Hopefully new affordable housing can be created without necessarily requiring a massive scale of construction to do so,” said Andrew Berman, executive director of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation.

This build-at-all-costs mentality even has some housing advocates worried.

“Density is great, but it means more than just tall buildings,” said Jerilyn Perine, of the Citizen’s Housing and Planning Commission. “They have to fit in with the urban fabric and address basic infrastructure, too.”

Heh heh heh


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11 responses to “Gotta love it

  1. Value is severely diminished by being able to view the ugliest park in the world…East River FDR Park ughhhh

  2. housecat

    Gee… So in order to build *more* affordable housing options on a limited amount of space you actually need to make the proposed building *taller*? Just. Can’t. Wrap. My. Head Around. This. One.

    • anon

      look at the hideous tall housing towers there are now – they are called projects! Co-op City is a perfect example. Towns all around are tearing them down left and right, they are nothing but hotbeds for crime. deBlasio is incredibly stupid.

      • TheBox

        Remember Anon, Liberals will never cop to one of their pet ideological projects being a bad idea, no matter how many times it has been tried and failed – it was always the implementation that was flawed, never the underlying concept. From housing projects to section 8 and now, apparently back to housing projects – like communism and high speed rail they will just claim ‘it has never been tried… correctly’ and go full steam ahead into another failure.

        Mass scale affordable housing has been done, a million times ago, and every time it ends the same. Want to know how this will turn out? Google Pruitt-Igoe or Cabrini-Green.

      • housecat

        Plenty of stupid to go around on this one, from DiBlasio’s agenda to his supporters now croaking over the fact that the building might be 50+ stories tall (because Blas wants the developer to put more affordable units in). My point here was, just how else did they think those units would end up in there? There’s a discrete amount of space to build upon. Ergo, up is the only way.

  3. Anonim

    And what about Hill house new expansion in Riverside, 2.7 acres of woods by I-95 and the Mianus harbor..?…residents must leave 55% of land as green area to comply with lot coverage regulations but affordable housing can do what they want…..don’t need to look at NYC. It is happening in Greenwich

  4. AJ

    “It’s a tradition for New York City mayors to start banning innocent things that everyone before them found completely inoffensive. For Mayor Bloomberg, it was large sodas. For Red Bill de Blasio, it’s carriage horses.

    Bill de Blasio, like any good Communist, isn’t just pushing the horse ban at random. His elevation was made possible by NYCLASS; a bunch of rich people posing as animal rights activists who don’t think that ordinary tourists should be able to ride horses in their backyard.

    The man behind the Anti-Horse Jihad is Steve Nislick, a real-estate tycoon with an eye on their stables, and a hand in Bill de Blasio’s greasy pocket.

    In the slimy world of New York politics, Nislick found useful idiot environmentalists to pursue his land agenda, and when Speaker Quinn proved to have more ethics than to go along with his horse ban, he turned to a slimier fellow; Bill de Blasio.

    Bill de Blasio had made common cause with Communist terrorists. Steve Nislick’s Anti-Horse Jihad was an easy one to get on board with.
    Nislick’s business owns more than 40 parking facilities around New York, New Jersey, and Baltimore, according to the Edison Properties website which also promotes storage facilities and office space.

    Malone charges that Sayers, the half million a year ASPCA CEO has a conflict of interest linking his name and that of ASPCA because the carriage organization claims Nislick and his company covet the valuable stable properties where NYC carriage horses are housed. …”

  5. Anonymous

    heh, heh, the grumpy segregationist and racist Spike Lee has been complaining that white folks have been moving into formerly all black neighborhoods, and horror of horrors, raising property values.