Restaurant closes; owner “wants to spend more time with my family”

Take a time out

Taking a time out

Heard that before, but usually from politicians or CEO’s who’ve been axed. Regardless, Cos Cob’s “My Favorite Place” is gone, from both its Greenwich locations”. Reader/commenter “Cos Cobber” reports that the service was god-awful, ranging from slow to rude to  combination of both. That’ll do it (in).


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34 responses to “Restaurant closes; owner “wants to spend more time with my family”

  1. BigMike

    Speaking of gun owners..
    My fav. Place owners hubby can gun you down and not get arrested….bc he’s a g town boy in blue.

  2. LAK

    I had rude service on the Avenue.
    Never went back!
    I should have complained!

  3. but rudeness is so cutting edge. they should have been packing’ ’em in:

    Basil: Are you dining here tonight, here in this unfashionable dump?
    Mr Johnson: I wasn’t planning to.
    Basil: No, not really your scene is it?
    Mr Johnson: I thought I’d try somewhere in town. Anywhere you recommend?
    Basil: Well, what sort of food were you thinking of… fruit or…?
    Mr Johnson: Anywhere they do French food?
    Basil: Yes, France I believe. They seem to like it there, and the swim would certainly sharpen your appetite. You’d better hurry, the tide leaves in six minutes.

  4. Anonymous

    Rude service
    Bye Bye

  5. Anonymous

    Rude Service …by the owner – never went back

  6. Anonymous

    totally rude people, it came from the top down, i can assure you

  7. Anon58

    Overpriced, average food, and an owner with a major attitude. Amazing they lasted as long as they did.

  8. Quentin Gooch

    I ordered a fried beet sandwich and they looked at me like I had a tarantula on top of my head, which I did. I tipped my hat and left a nice warm fuzzy fart as I bade them farewell.

  9. Anonymous

    two words: liquid ass.

    google it.

    it’s revenge’s best friend.

  10. Riverside

    Wondering if all these anon comments are multiple people or one guy with a major bug up his “liquid ass”. I liked the place – awesome salads and they were always very nice to me.

    • Anonymous

      Agree- they were always friendly to me. I never heard anyone complain about the service prior to this…

  11. Anonymous

    If they were nice to you you were one of the few.

  12. Joey

    food with a lot of adjectives and little taste. Although it was not expensive it was a horrible value. I did not think the people were rude but they certainly were not a happy bunch. The place was also too small. The Cos Cob address was very busy with moms who don’t know real food when they see it but obviously that must of changed.

  13. 2 high schools

    The place on Greenwich Ave was appalling. Service was the worst I’ve had anywhere in Fairfield County. Second worst is Polpo, where they confront you in front of your guests if they think your tip is light.

    • Big Cookie

      Yeah. My second worst dining experience in town was at Polpo. I only dine there with corporate clients on the company dime. Totally different dining experience at Polpo when they smell a corporate account.

      Now for the best service, Rebecca’s; where its always professional and pleasant.

      • housecat

        Absolutely agreed re Polpo (I’ve never been to MFP). Basically a classier version of a New Jersey red sauce joint. Rebecca’s is great.

  14. Greenwich Gal

    MFP when it first opened was good. Even though expensive – especially for diner food. They had a great burger – and took my family there for a burger lunch and the bill was 65.00. For counter service hamburgers. That is when I stopped going. I think the owner started having a difficult time and got surly.
    As for Polpo – I will never go there again. The attitude! For a noodle house! Their food has declined over the years and the royal attitude has stayed the same. Pierangelo on the Ave has lovely Italian – but he has left the restaurant recently. I think the food scene in Greenwich is not so good especially when you consider that we have a very sophisticated clientele. Rebecca does it right but I don’t love the ambiance with all the hard surfaces and bright lighting. Too bad for us.

    • Cos Cobber

      $65 bucks for non table service dinner was a typical dinning experience MFP. So for nearly the same price you could eat at a few table service joints in town and get the benefit of wait staff and adult beverages. Plus, most importantly, other places actually want your business.

    • Riverside Dog Walker

      It is sad that for consistently good food and a good dining experience one still has to go to Manhattan. You would think that we have a critical mass of people and money to make this easier in Greenwich. But AOC, a very nice wine shop, just closed because they apparently couldn’t make it in Old Greenwich.

      I think Rebecca is good but the prices they charge these days are Manhattan and beyond.

      • Just_looking

        Prices are a misconception. If you want good food at a good restaurant, that restaurant has to make money. If you want that restaurant to be in your little town where people only (mostly) eat thurs, fri sat 7-8:30pm and no one comes on to eat after 9:00pm, and week you get the point. A good restaurant even in Greenwich must charge higher prices than in NY to make money, because they serve a lot less meals in a week. No way around it. Go ahead, open one and see.

        • Excellent point, and you’re right – restaurants around town are pretty much dead early and mid-week around here. A very close friend of mine quit his day job and opened up a five-star restaurant in eastern Connecticut. He and his wife discovered, sadly, that they couldn’t make a go of it on what was basically a two-day operation. If anyone wants to buy a beautiful farm/restaurant operation in Eastford, let me know: I can get it for you cheap.

        • Cos Cobber

          Thanks, but I’m well aware of the local dynamics. Gwich would be better served with fewer eating establishments so the ones we have could be better. Yes, they all suffer from over competition which eats into the quality of the product, the staff and the atmosphere.

          Now off to Primary Food and Drink…

          • If Greenwich had fewer eating establishments I suspect the diminished competition would lead to worse food and service, not better. Ever eat at a GUM department store in the Soviet Union? Neither did I, but survivors’ reports weren’t encouraging.

  15. BigMike

    I can’t wait to see if the owner gets a read of this…she will go ballistic for sure.!

  16. Anonymous II

    So funny Polpo is showing here – so right – the same bad attitude- RUDE and terrible service !!
    Another place I will never go back to again.

  17. LAK

    Just heard that Mitchells Fish Mkt in Stamford closed.
    Never ate there