What, besides passing it along to Eric Snowden, is the NSA doing with all the information it’s scooping up?

Is that a stolen passport I feel or are you just glad to see me?

Is that a stolen passport I feel, or are you just glad to see me?

Passports used to board the Malaysian airliner were reported as stolen more than two years ago. Interpol had the information and presumably our NSA did too, but no one bothers checking passports against a “stolen list”.  I suppose this should make us feel better about our own personal privacy – clearly the NSA doesn’t know what to do with all the stuff it’s been vacuuming up, but after its inability to spot two Chechnyan terrorists headed to the Boston Marathon and now this failure,  our government’s assurance that it’s trashing our rights and freedoms to secure our safety seems – ah, -“overstated.”


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12 responses to “What, besides passing it along to Eric Snowden, is the NSA doing with all the information it’s scooping up?

  1. Mazama

    Re: “What… is the NSA doing with all the information it’s scooping up?”

    Chris, if you’re sure you REALLY want an answer to your headline question… ” Homeland Security Used Intercepted Emails to Quiz Woman About Her Sex Life” http://www.infowars.com/homeland-security-used-intercepted-emails-to-quiz-woman-about-her-sex-life/

  2. AJ

    What’s the NSA doing with all the info they collect? Passing the stuff about who’s selling drugs onto the police, no doubt. And the rest? Most likely, they’re selling the info to corporations.

    But don’t tell me you’re still falling for that “the Tsarnaev brothers did it” story: they weren’t even carrying the same colored back packs as the ones that blew up. And then there’s that picture of the guy with the peg leg that supposedly had his leg blown off — a nice clean white single “bone”: no blood, no muscle, no sinew, no fibula; just a nice clean white peg until someone showed up with the blood powder, sort of like that pile of ketchup and the dummy I showed you a couple of months ago that was supposed to be the guy who got shot at the LA Airport.

    The whole Boston thing was nothing more than an exercise to show everyone that the police can function as a Gestapo, stick a gun in your face, throw you out of your house and search it without a warrant. And there ain’t a thing you can do about it. It takes time to stage a police operation — think of Cheshire, CT — odd how the police were there, out in the burbs, immediately with all there armored, paramilitary horseshit.

    Then there’s the whole Underwear Bomber thing — a guy who got on a plane with a ticket purchased the same day, no passport, and escorted past security and onto the plane by “men in suits”. Of course the government would never do anything to the deceive people, like the Gulf of Tonkin, after the guy who was opposed to a war was conveniently six feet underground. Convenient how Ruby shot Oswald wasn’t it? Watch this one: you don’t even need tin foil to understand what’s going on.

  3. Anonymous

    we need to start a national campaign to email the Constitution and Bill of Rights back and forth to each other. putting it into our emails will be the only way to get the asshole totalitarians in the fedgov to read it.

    • JRH

      What a good idea! I never noticed that the Constitution and Bill of Rights were separate documents, so I must not be getting your enlightening emails! If only more people read them before bloviating about them on the Internet, am I right?

      • Anonymous

        no, you’re just an asshole.

      • AJ

        Well, aren’t you the bristling one. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are usually referred to separately; they are usually purchased separately, though many copies of the Constitution do contain the first ten amendments. And they were not written at the same time: the first ten amendments were added several years later, and unlike other amendments, as a group and given a name.

        • JRH

          AJ, any “copy” of the Constitution that doesn’t contain the first ten amendments is not a copy of the Constitution at all. You should ask for your money back.

  4. weakleyhollow

    Yes, but they are doing a lot of stuff, and they enjoy reading your emails, so shut up before they come to your house with a swat team and shoot your puppy.

  5. Libertarian Advocate

    Perhaps there’s a reason many people call Al Qaeda Al CIAda.

  6. just_looking

    In this case i think the passport issue is smoke. I think the plane was shot down, by a N Korean Missle, or Chineese Fighter jet, or some other government and probably done so in error (except if N Korea). Info is beiing leaked out very slowly and crypitically. Go ahead and shoot me down, but we will see.