Another spec house limps off the market

15 Dearfield15 Dearfield Lane, originally asked $3.945 million, sold for $2.725. At that sum, York Development Corp might have broken even, barely, but not a shred of profit. Very nicely built home, but with no yard whatsoever. Perfect, perhaps, for a down-sizing couple or a pair of newly-wed New Yorkers, but otherwise, a limited buyer pool, as Nick Bareli of York discovered.


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14 responses to “Another spec house limps off the market

  1. Anonymous

    Lovely build quality on that home. He needs a new architect though. Kitchen was small, family room was very tight (where to put couch??). Master was quite small as well.

  2. AJ

    You really don’t need an architect to draw up plans for a house like that. Any builder that owns a drawing table with a t-square and triangle should be able to do it himself.

  3. Patrick

    This is .3ac so I believe the limitation was more in the Lot shape than FAR. Narrow lot with hilly unusable back yard.

  4. InfoDiva

    Would have sold for full price had it been in Riverside and nobody would have complained about the lack of green space.

  5. Anonymous

    There is no way an architect was used for this house!!!

  6. Anonymous

    Its a great location, walking distance to town. Do you know why they built the house so far back on the lot? It literally backs on to a cliff and your backyard neighbor is 40ft up! It looks like there is plenty of space at the front.

  7. Patrick

    It must be that far back because of setback regulations i would have to imagine.