Here’s a much better way to sign off for the night

Dolphin asks for help, and gets it.

Undoubtedly the best story you’ll see today!
While the diver Keller Laros was filming stingrays in Hawaii, out of nowhere appeared a dolphin that was with a hook and fishing lines coiled in one of his fins. Surprising the diver, the dolphin stayed there almost as if he was asking the diver:
“Friend, help me get this hook and this fishing line off, please.”

Incredible video !


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7 responses to “Here’s a much better way to sign off for the night

  1. anonymous

    Beautiful. Awesome.

  2. more dolphins… and whales:

  3. Flash

    For me, your good news is a great way to start the day

  4. Anonymous

    Really beautiful videos, which nearly brought tears to my eyes. Here on our small barrier island off the southwest Florida Gulf coast we are able to see and interact with dolphins on a regular basis – they are magical, joyous creatures. What an unforgettable experience for the diver who was able to save one. And the whale video is a welcome reminder that there is still majesty in our world, despite all the human cruelty and pettiness that seems overwhelming at times. Greenwich Old Timer

  5. Is that a decapitated fish in your pocket?

  6. Well, it smelled like a decapitated fish