I hope it was a suicide attempt and I hope he’s revived


Die hard

Die hard

Cheshire rapist Steven Hayes discovered unresponsive in his cell. An attempted suicide would indicate that Mr. Hayes is unhappy in his circumstances, which is good, and a successful resuscitation will ensure that he can continue in his discomfort for years to come.


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12 responses to “I hope it was a suicide attempt and I hope he’s revived

  1. “I hope it was a suicide attempt and I hope he’s revived” & he is forced to relive this every day for the next 50 years!

  2. Anonymous

    I’d rather him get the wake up call that Otto from SOA received every morning:

  3. housecat

    Isn’t this the same guy who fought the death penalty before going to trial?

  4. Fred2

    That sub-animal. Ugh. Yeah, not much sympathy, if the state were the one doing the honors quick is the way. Shoot, guillotine, whatever, flush the remains down the toilet.

    Since he’s trying to commit suicide, I sincerely hope he hurts himself badly and it’s a long and painful recovery and that he’s left himself in a state of helplessness and chronic pain.

  5. Anonymous

    What Fred said.

  6. Yos

    Not quite.

    Yes, the cretin ought to have had a well-deserved death sentence; and a swift death. That he is alive today is our shame; for we have cheapened the lives of Jennifer, Hayley, and Michaela – and the next victims yet unclaimed. When he is finally sent to Final judgement, I ain’t gonna shed any tears.

    On the other hand, we… are not animals who take pleasure from the suffering of others. Was not this his sin?

  7. Tawm

    How much does it cost us to keep him alive? I could think of more productive uses of the funds, to improve lives worth saving.

    • It’s actually cheaper to keep an inmate alive until he dies of natural causes than to pay for all the legal costs, both sides usually borne by the state, before execution. I’m against the death penalty, not because I’ll miss most of the people who d exit via that manner, but because it’s so rarely used and takes forever and because so few of the inmates enjoy their time behind bars. Keep them there for 60 years, pocket the savings, and let them be miserable.

      • Yos

        Death for convicts ought to be swifter and less expensive to execute.

        The downside to “life” is that there’s no ultimate cost for the loser who kills. Someone else’ life buys the POS room and board, healthcare – so what’s the downside?

        The next Hayley and Michaela are no longer lives to be taken at one’s peril, they’re now meal tickets. That’s a deterrent? So much for the notion of “less” expensive.

        I’m all for raising the standard of proof, sure. But then get it done swiftly.

  8. Anonymous

    Add up the money we spent on this goon and his looser counterpart since this terrible tragedy in the summer of 2007, (Incarceration, defense, prosecution, etc.). Then compare that figure to the cost of 2 bullets that could have been fired by the Cheshire cops driving up that street that morning making their initial approach as these two guys were making their getaway in the family’s Chrysler Pacifica.

    • Anon

      Well, the way the cops have been shooting lately, it would really be more than 2. No wonder DHS needs a few billion.