The libertarian answer to dealing with the insane: self-selecting asylum

Miss Velma Lyrae relaxes in her tinfoil-lined pup tent

Miss Velma Lyrae relaxes in her tinfoil-lined pup tent

“Radio-allergic” fruitcakes flock to radio-free mountain town.

A small remote town where Wi-Fi is banned has become an unlikely haven for people claiming modern technology has been making them ill.

The so-called ‘Wi-Fi refugees’ are flocking to the tiny settlement to escape painful symptoms including burning skin, chest pains and acute headaches.

The sufferers argue the affliction – a condition known as Electromagnetic Sensitivity – has been eased by the move and report feeling much better.

Many have relocated to Green Bank, West Virginia, from across America to avoid mobile phones, Wi-Fi hotspots, TV and radio transmissions. As of 2013, 36 people have relocated to Green Bank.

One, Diane Schou, travelled nearly 1,000 miles from her former home in Iowa to join the isolated town of just 147 residents.

Diane said: ‘I used to be sick all the time when I lived in Iowa. I was in constant pain.

‘If anyone came near me with a cell phone or a device with Wi-Fi I would be in agony.

‘But since I’ve moved to Green Banks the illnesses have cleared up.’

50-year-old [Californian Deborah Cooney] said her symptoms developed after hundreds of Wi-Fi enabled smart meters were installed next to her home in 2011.

Deborah said: ‘It began with a constant ringing in my ears. I couldn’t sleep in the house anymore and felt sick all the time.

‘Any food I brought into the house would make me feel ill. I got heart palpitations.

‘It was like I was slowly being poisoned.’

Even her pet cat Mimi, a purebred Himalayan, became ill from the harmful radiation she believed had been emitted from the smart meters, she added.

Deborah added: ‘Mimi went from being a typical house cat to one that would never stay home and eventually she ran away and never came back.’

My guess is that Mimi was running for her life from her owner, but whatever works.


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9 responses to “The libertarian answer to dealing with the insane: self-selecting asylum

  1. TheBox

    AJ should consider moving there before the Illuminati use their mind controlling WiFi hot spots to make him perpetrate one of their infamous false flag operations like 9/11 or Sandyhook.

    On the plus side, if he does go on a rampage and crash the Bridgeport ferry into Indian Point or something – it will get those vultures Malloy, Blumenthal and Himes some more TV time, maybe even another ride on Air Force One.

    • Indian Point is on the river, but the reactors themselves are at least 100 yards inland, so I don’t think the ferry idea is going to work. It would certainly make the news though and probably lead to calls for tighter restrictions on boat ownership.

  2. TheBox

    This reminds me of a time I visited an IBM/Philips joint research lab in… I want to say Ossining (it was a long time ago). They were up on a hill and had several large satellite dishes that spent most of the time pointed down at the town. The rumor started that they were experimenting with mind control / subliminal advertizing / whatever. The media and even the local politicians got involved (where there is media, there are politicians).

    Turns out they just kept them pointed down during the winter to keep ice and snow from accumulating on them and damaging the dishes, but like “9/11 was an inside job” and “Sandyhook was a false flag,” once the crazy takes hold, no amount of logic and reason can shake it loose.

    • It’s obvious that what happened here was the IBM used the mind control rays to convince people that the dishes were pointed down to prevent snow and ice build up. I think the next steps was probably to up the power and use them to create more conspiracy theorists and union supporters in the county legislature.

  3. dogwalker

    I thought aluminum caps took care of that.

  4. TheBox

    Speaking of kooks, Richard Branson has been “bravely” bashing climate change skeptics… err… sorry… deniers (because people who don’t buy Al Gore hook, line and sinker are no better than Neo Nazis after-all) lately. The lefties are fawning all over him and Apple’s CEO for saying “global warmism over profits.” Kind of ironic given Branson got rich burning jet fuel and now wants to expend enormous amounts of energy blasting the rich into space.

  5. housecat

    I always knew Deborah was a bit of a nutcase, but the final straw was having to pose in matching clown outfits for the annual Christmas photo. I hate clowns. So, I hitched a ride with a biker gang that was passing through town and never looked back.

  6. you may be right in ridiculing these wifi refugees as nut-cases. but isn’t it possible that some people are adversely affected by radio or electromagnetic radiation? it would not be difficult to conduct an experiment where half of those thought to suffer from this malady are taken to a radiation-free zone and half are taken to one with ‘normal’ exposure to wifi and radio and other radiation, and each is then quizzed on his/her symptoms. then at least there would be a scientific basis to evaluate their claims.

    • In fact,just such a study has been completed.

      However, in 2007 a double-blind study suggested electrosensitivity could be all in the mind. The research, published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, found people who thought they were electrosensitive experienced symptoms when they were placed near a mobile phone mast and told it was ‘switched on’. When the tests were repeated with the volunteers not knowing whether the masts were switched on or off, there was no relationship between their symptoms and the phone signals.