Well she’s no dumber than the average American high school graduate

Barraco barnerBritish lass wonders via tweet why Britain’s president Barraco Barner was getting involved in Ukraine, and the world responds harshly.

Poor girl’s tweet goes viral.

Does she wish she knew more about politics — and has this experience changed her?

‘Definitely,’ she says. ‘I would like to get educated [about Ukraine] now and I’ll definitely make more of an effort to watch the news. People are saying to me “Go back to school”, but even at school we never learned about politics and current affairs.’

Sad that this child thinks she’ll educate herself on world affairs by making an effort to watch television news, but that’s the main source of “news” for most Americans; we’re in the same perilous state as England.


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16 responses to “Well she’s no dumber than the average American high school graduate

  1. Gotta be a spoof. Please!

  2. Professor Wagstaff

    Don’t worry, she’ll be fine. After I sell her this bridge I own in Brooklyn, she can live quite comfortably on all the tolls she’ll be collecting.

  3. Al Dente

    I have a feeling this girl is not up-to-speed with the time change. You could probably convince her that the day now has 25 hours and Christmas is in June.

  4. Without being told she’s a Brit, that she’s asking questions about the Ukraine told me she’s not your typical mal-informed American who believes the main stream media propaganda.
    Anyone who believed for one moment that Russia would give up their only warm weather port is ignorant.

    The entire episode is a repeat of western medaling in Georgia, war mongers like McCain and Graham and puppeted criminals like Obama & Bush before him have a plan, unfortunately, it has nothing to do with the Constitution or the wishes of the American people, that is, if the American people had enough intellect to find the truth.

    • Mickster

      Medaling was done in Sochi.
      Meddling in Georgia.

      • TG doesn’t know the difference between medaling and meddling, nor that warmonger is one word, but he (or she) is worried about the American people’s intellect.

        • Don’t be an idiot!

          If you can face that your has naiveté trapped you into following the MSM into the bliss of propaganda that makes you feel safe or righteous for your nation’s imperialistic agenda, and you can’t see past your unwillingness to “ASK” the very same questions this Brit girl dared to ask, don’t pick on simple typo’s that anyone trying to do 5 things at once occasionally posts!

          The USA used Georgia to attack Russia years ago, the West paid protestors to create unrest in the Ukraine, we support Al Qaeda in Syria, the evil Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, we are responsible for over a million civilian deaths in Iraq, we bomb innocents with our drones in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the Sudan and any part of the world our Corporate elite decide to send our Military, which has turned from a defensive force into a World Police Force doing the bidding for the highest payer.

          In the UKRAINE, at first, Russia “DID NOT” send troops into the country, (Jane you ignorant sl_T), Russia has always had a minimum of 15,000 troops in the Ukraine, It is the location of their only warm weather port, it is where many of their Fighter Jets are made, and there is absolutely NO WAY Russia would ever allow it to fall into Western hands, WW3 aside, they know that if they lose it, they lose their military advantage in the region,

          And who in their RIGHT INTELLECTUALLY AWARE mind would want to join the “EU”?

          I’ll tell you who, ignorant civilians who have not paid close attention to criminal bankers who use the people to pay their way as they destroy every last vestige of liberty and independence in the entire region, and the Ukraine, the BREAD BASKET of what used to be called, EURASIA, is a major chess move in the grand scheme of things.

          “”Wake the _____ up””, you don’t know what is going on, you are clueless as are most Americans, and to mock this British Girl who had the audacity to “ASK A QUESTION”!

          You should ask questions, otherwise, it’s going to be too late!

      • typing with one hand and spell checker liked the medaling, lol

  5. Scurrilous Scallywag

    Well, I’ve got a job I’m sure she can do. No tweeting necessary.

  6. Yos

    We may cut her some slack for being British, but then again, she misspelled “O’Bummer.” More importantly, who gives a FF about Russia, when it’s his involvement with America that’s truly frightening.

  7. Anonymous

    Appears to be a good looking girl- no need to develop other areas of her persona, a.k.a. mental midget syndrome. Quite common that.

  8. Hey, she seems to admit she was ignorant, and will try to take steps to improve herself.

    As a conservative, I see both traits as positive ones. It’s not girl’s fault that her circumstances seem to dictate that she’s starting out on the very bottom rung of the ladder of knowledge.

    Plus, I’d hit it.