Contract reported


2 Cotswood

2 Cotswood

2 Cotswood, asking $1.695 million. The land here is pretty dodgy, but the location can’t be beat – right at the southern terminus of North Street, but set back from the traffic, and a very decent house, for this price.


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10 responses to “Contract reported

  1. Anonymous

    Yow, I thought it was a picture of Sarajevo…
    Tell em I’ll give em a million eight.

  2. Cos Cobber

    should prove to be a fair buy. there was a time when a golden triangle house like this would have foolishly asked for 2.8 or so and sat for 3 years.

    more evidence that the under 2 market is hungry.

  3. TraderVic

    The bones look quite pleasant, all it needs is a more contemporary decor.

  4. Anonymous

    2 kitchens?

  5. Jonathan

    The odd things about this one are the two kitchens and is that the bedrooms are split; the master is on the middle floor (but many steps up from the garage?), two more bedrooms are in the basement and one, possibly two more on the third floor. For the right family (family with teenaged or grown kids; or perhaps a multi-generational family needing a second kitchen), it’s not bad. Not bad at all.

  6. who started cotswood

    who is the landowner on this rd

    • Anonymous

      All carved out of the old Martin estate. Martin Dale to the south, and the original Martin main house to the north.

  7. Anonymous

    This is a great house for a “down sizer” or a family with older children. Could even be considered a condo alternative. I think both buyer and seller did well!! A very sophisticated house!

  8. Flash

    Main house 190 North St sold 2012 for $11 big ones.
    That’s a nice neighborhood.