Don’t tell the warmists, for whom this is as important a symbol as the polar bear

I blame those lying Koch brothers

Remember, it’s all the fault of those lying Koch brothers

California drought may last a century because that’s what normal is there.

Scientists who have studied dry periods in California from the past millennium are warning that the scorching drought could last for over a hundred years.

California is currently experiencing one of its driest periods since 1580, University of California, Berkeley scientist Lynn Ingram told CBS News this week. Looking back at the past several thousand years reveals that some droughts in California have lasted more than a century.

Ingram has been examining sediments, tree rings, and microorganisms to learn about California’s temperature patterns and historical droughts. She told National Geographic last month that the 20th century might have been an anomaly and notes that, going back in history, California has been much drier and has even seen periods of mega-drought.

In medieval times, Ingram says, California and the Southwest saw a drought that lasted over a century.

She told CBS that these patterns “tend to repeat themselves” and that we can expect decades-long droughts to happen again.

In the meantime, Senate Democrats held a pajama party in the Capitol last night, where they huddled around a nonpolluting, solar-powered campfire, roasted weenies and marshmallows and told each other scary stories about global warming. They’ll address budget and pending issues later, and the reset of the Cold War, never.


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7 responses to “Don’t tell the warmists, for whom this is as important a symbol as the polar bear

  1. Al Dente

    It’s such a beautiful state, but earthquakes and fires make it kind of inhospitable. Maybe it’s Gods way of saying “Leave it be.”

  2. Reversing flow of Yukon River using a series of nuclear bombs was Harvidiot Prof’s solution in late 60’s. Did the gagglers bring that up last night?

  3. it was the last paragraph that really pissed me off:

    How the Other California Lives

  4. Call me skeptical that you can actually roast anything over a solar powered campfire.

  5. boredatwork

    Report: Ocean Levels Could Rise Foot Or More If Lots Of People Go Swimming
    SILVER SPRING, MD—Scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration sounded a strong warning about rising seas Monday, saying that ocean levels around the world are projected to increase by 12 inches or more should a bunch of people go swimming at the same time. “According to our latest analysis, an increase in global mean sea level of several inches is inevitable at this point given the approach of summer beach season, when millions of people will simultaneously go for a swim,” said oceanographer Paul Acosta at a press conference, adding that the increase could be “significantly higher” than currently predicted if lots of beachgoers choose to hold their breath and go under all the way. “Coastal cities and low-lying islands are the most vulnerable to rising sea levels, particularly if it’s not just kids who go for a dip, but full-grown adults as well. Our best hope now is moderating the rise as much as we can by convincing people to only wade in up to their waists.” Acosta also warned about the devastating possibilities of catastrophic tsunamis should everyone jump into the ocean together from a dock or off the side of a boat.

  6. Libertarian Advocate

    Not sure wazzup but the formatting is really screwy