Nothing on open house tour

I don’t know what people are waiting for, but the lack of inventory persists. Is everyone in Greenwich really so happy with their present house that they want to stay put?


465 Round Hill Road

465 Round Hill Road

465 Round Hill Road is on the tour and shown as a “new” listing, but it’s been for sale since 2011, at prices ranging from $10.995, up to $12.950 and now, that same original price, $10.995. Eventually, its owner may get her price in tune with the market but so far, not. Nice house, though, and fantastic views.


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11 responses to “Nothing on open house tour

  1. InfoDiva

    I took a three mile walk through mid-country today and I have never seen the town looking uglier. We’re going to have a NH-like mud season this year, judging by the condition of my boots when I was done. I don’t blame people for holding off on listing their houses. And if everyone is doing the same thing, there’s no harm done, except to real estate agents’ cash flow. All those buyers-in-waiting can’t buy what’s not for sale. And apparently they’re not “settling” for what little is available, are they?

    • There are currently 658 single family homes listed on the Greenwich MLS. I really don’t understand your animosity, nor your constant accusations of bad faith – in fact, I find it all boring and I’m shutting you off for a time out. If you really have a house to sell and don’t want to list it for another few months, that’s entirely your own business – frankly,my dear, I don’t give a damn.
      Now shut up.

      • Cos Cobber

        Don’t shut off InfoDiva. Her naked jealousy and comments in frustration can be amusing.

      • ill-logical

        The 658 number includes condos and out of town listings on the GMLS
        In Greenwich today,there are 439 single families + 93 condos = 532
        and Out of town listings of 103 single families + 24 condos = 127
        Total residential listings on GMLS = 659

  2. Cos Cobber

    And yet, some of the same old listings enter year 2, 3, 4+ without a budge in their asking price. I can think of a few overpriced gems in Cos Cob that make my head scratch.

    • It certainly takes the lustre off an overpriced house. Long periods with no price change signal a “make me move” attitude and really, who cares? Buyers will just go on to find someone who does want to move.

  3. Anonymous

    We are considering listing but the thing holding us up is the lack of other homes out there to look at, so it’s a bit of a stalemate. We would love to list now but we’re afraid that everything that’s going to come on will be priced so high. Certainly appealing to list now due to the lack of inventory out there and probably a lot of buyers sitting and waiting as well.

  4. Once

    658 single family homes is not a small amount. We have had less. In the old days if you didn’t like what you saw you bought as close as you could to what you wanted and remodeled.

    • Anonymous

      658 homes in total? If so, it doesn’t seem relevant, I think you need to consider the pools of people looking. How many homes are in the 1-2m range? From what I’ve been hearing, there are a lot of buyers in that range and very few homes.

  5. JJM

    Where is the “sweet spot” of buyer budgets these days? 1.5mm?

  6. Xyzzy

    Sweet spot for sellers is 1.5m. Sweet spot for buyers is 10m+. You can have your pick of high end homes these days.