Riverside Lane contract, 11 days

19 Riverside Lane

19 Riverside Lane

19 Riverside Lane, asking $975,000. As land, that’s too high; as a decent little house, which it looks to be, not bad at all. I’d prefer Havemeyer at this range, but we can’t always get what we want.

Post Script: you know, if you told someone he’d be able to afford a million-dollar home someday, I’ll bet this wouldn’t have been what he pictured.


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11 responses to “Riverside Lane contract, 11 days

  1. Shoeless

    Did this house sell just a couple years ago? It looks familiar.

    • Says it was just renovated, so possibly. I’ll check
      UPDATE: $882,500 in April, 2011. Doubt anything much has been done since, so there’s your market come-back.

  2. Cos Cobber

    A fairly bright and clean interior. A decent house at this price point. Could use a little landscaping pazazz in the front yard.

  3. BigMike

    And yes CF, not what I thought a million bucks would buy either.
    Until today’s weather I was spending my free time browsing the south Florida real estate.
    For less than a million you get triple, and initiation fees at top level, 5 course private clubs, are less than the restaurant dues here. Ha!
    If I didn’t have kids I’d be bashing hedgies and hedgies who shop at Jos. A Bank (and who work at PE firms) from PGA national.

    The 2 and 20 model is fading boys.

    CC et al. Can manage their own bucks from a keyboard.
    Better do your donuts in your lambo leases while you still can, Riverside Towing is a coming!