Why every cat owner needs an elephant gun

elephant gun

elephant gun

22-pound Himaliyan cat goes berserk, claws up baby, scares off family dog and traps parents in their bedroom.

UPDATE: The cat’s owners have sent him off to rehab.


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7 responses to “Why every cat owner needs an elephant gun

  1. Peg

    I had some sellers who had The Cat from Hell. They knew he was a “bad seed” – but thought they could stick him out in the yard when buyers came by. After coming close to mutilating two different sets of buyers and their agents, CFH was sent packing. None of us could afford the potential lawsuits!

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    My cat “Lestat” is nothing like that.

  3. Idiot owner kicked the cat “in the rear”, he says, after it scratched the baby. (And I guarantee the baby was asking for it. Cat can only take so much.) Then the cat went berserk. Don’t blame kitty one bit. Kick me “in the rear” and I’ll come after you too. Would like to adopt this cat.

  4. pulled up in OG

    Lux prolly watched your Jurassic VelociCoon clip the other day.

  5. Fred2

    If i punted a cat i’d be washing the splat mark off the wall… Or extracting a flat cat from the busted drywall. Just saying.