Better than a sharp stick in the eye, I suppose


Well you shouldn't have moved!

Well you shouldn’t have moved!

Playboy model agrees to stick tee in her buttocks and let someone else drive. Hilarity ensues.

Sure, the catwalk is exhilarating, but the life of a model can also be degrading. It can be even more degrading when the model in question chooses to lie down on a golf course to allow some dude to stick a golf tee between her butt cheeks so he can try to hit a golf ball balanced precariously atop the tee.

Things did not end well for Playboy model Elizabeth “Liz” Dickson when, she says, she made this questionable series of choices two years ago.

She’s suing, of course.


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4 responses to “Better than a sharp stick in the eye, I suppose

  1. TheWizard

    She’s suing, of course.

    Just guessing it’s her only way of funding the lifestyle, especially once the buttocks aren’t quite so firm anymore.

  2. weakleyhollow

    Of course she’s suing. It’s the national sport, and when it comes to women, “she asked for it” is never an appropriate excuse, even if she really did.

  3. Mark B

    Nice to know there IS somebody who looks worse than me in shorts.

  4. this better not give Reggie Love any ideas