Contract reported

31 Vista Drive

31 Vista Drive

31 Vista Drive (Indian Harbor Association), 3 acres of waterfront asking $7.995 million has a contract, 1,413 days after starting off in 2010 t $16.750.  I always saw this as a land sale but the owners obviously didn’t. Just as obvious, the market didn’t agree with them

By the way, there are a lot of houses with accepted offers already that haven’t been reported yet because contracts are still being worked out. One illustrative example is a house in mid country Cos Cob (I won’t disclose its location now, because it isn’t public information)- that came on at $1.8ish last week and whose owners accepted an offer earlier this week. A pretty typical mid-70s home, nothing special, but in excellent shape and priced right where it should have been, so, it’s absolutely no surprise that it sold quickly. Buyers (I get this from the owner, who’s  a friend – I have no connection with the sale) are pretty typical: they’ve already lost two houses to other buyers, so they came in with an offer within 95% of ask, with no mortgage contingency. My friend might be a bit unusual because he saw the bid as a solid one and rather than wait around to see if a better offer came along, he accepted this one. House listed, one broker open house, five days of showings, done. Nice feeling, and it beats dicking around for 1,413 days.

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