Early to bed,early to rise

Okay, we’re back up,and so is the internet.

Here’s an interesting Gallup poll showing the major concerns of Americans – climate change and race relations, two of the very largest of Obama’s targets, are at the bottom.I’m sure a concerted effort by the Democrats and their media allies can improve the ranking of those topics by November, but they’d better get busy, fast.



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4 responses to “Early to bed,early to rise

  1. Anonymous

    In order to distract the low-info (aka low IQ) voters from ObamaCare in the upcoming elections, the admistration and its media allies have put forth the following 5 issues:

    1. Income inequality
    2. Minimum wage
    3. War on women
    4. Climate Change
    5. Ukraine

    look for a barrage of media attention on the first 3 in the upcoming months.

  2. Rivman

    Jobs and the economy are number 1. Problem is, can government solve it? Probably no.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      I wonder what the hell happened to Obama’s creative types. In the last two even three years the advertising themes and branding have just plain SUCKED! 1) Donate your wedding money to Obama 2) Report “Fishy” posts to WH 3) “Julia” 4)Trans-pollinated Pajama Boy 4) This newest O’Kare theme. Pathetic flackery.