Old favorites resurface

400 Round Hill Rd

400 Round Hill Rd

400 Round Hill Road is back, now asking $14 million. It once asked $19.9 million, in 2007, but eventually sold for just $11 million in 2008. Those buyers put it back up for sale at $12.995 in 2009, couldn’t get it, so pulled it until bringing it back today at its new improved price.

UPDATE: Ah – this is Sandy Weill’s place. He originally bought it and gave it to his son, Marc, then bought it back for $11 million when his son moved out of town and couldn’t sell it on his own (must be nice to have a bank like Sandy). Now no one in the Weill family wants it, so it can be yours.

129 Clapboard Ridge

129 Clapboard Ridge

129 Clapboard Ridge asks $3.9 million. Sold for $3.2 and $3.4 in 2002 and 2010, respectively.

44 Calhoun Drive, $3.595 million.This one started at $4.950 long ago and has been coming on and off the market since.

54 Dingletown

54 Dingletown

54 Dingletown, $2.950 million. It tried for $3.9 in 2009, $3.445 and $3.225 in 2012 and 2013, and now this. They’ll get it right someday, and perhaps this is that day.


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16 responses to “Old favorites resurface

  1. 400 Round Hill, owned by Sandy Weill, is in today’s Wall Street Journal

    • Yeah, just found that. Huge house – what I remember most about it was the son’s incredible geode collection, doubtless worth a whole bunch, but surely moved out with that son.

  2. anon

    the weill home is beautiful, inside and out. its architecture and rooflines speak to being on a cliff overlooking the ocean rather than six acres on round hill but still much grace and simple beauty. who designed it?

    • Somehow 16,400 square feet and “simple beauty” don’t mesh well in my mind, but if it works for you, call me: I can get you a deal.

      • anon

        it’s hard to make a behemoth like this look simple, but I think the architect succeeded. 16k sf is about 13k too much for me, but thanks for the offer to get me a deal. For $14m, I’d buy a ranch, in Texas.

  3. jennifer

    “Separate caretakers outbuilding” explains the hideous green structure that you can’t miss when you drive by 440 Round Hill Rd…total eyesore I wonder why it isn’t removed or relocated

  4. Mickster

    Can’t believe you guys sprung for a website.
    You might want to get them to spell your name correctly while they’re at it.

    • anonymous

      Good catch. I’ve looked at that page several times and never noticed the Christotpher typo.

  5. Riverside Dog Walker

    Does 44 Calhoun Drive belong to InfoDiva? The source of her bitterness? I seem to recall her mentioning she lived on that street. She can’t speak up if still in her timeout.

  6. Anonymous

    Yes, InfoDiva sold her perfect house when the flowers and bushes were in bloom. She really knows real estate!!

  7. Mickster

    It is funny that she suddenly took great exception to advice given (FREE) by CF here. It must have touched a nerve! She (could be he?) always seemed so rational before that.

    This site has many realtors who know what works and what doesn’t. We also have many owners who will disparage our profession to their ultimate loss.


    • Joey

      I think you have it wrong here. Most owners don’t know what the hell they are doing and most real estate agents are unable, incapable or unwilling to represent the very people they are being paid to represent. This is how we end up with houses being listed 40% higher than for what they ultimately sell.

  8. Your posting states 400 round hill road but, it is 440 round hill road.

    The giant green outhouse gardenshed welcome center is killing that place. The rest is spectacular.

  9. Anonymous


    weill jr.’s house. where is this behemoth located?

    and what on earth does weill jr. do for a living?