And two more contracts


27 Thornhill

27 Thornhill

27 Thornhill, between Riverside Land and Sheephill in NoPo, came on the market January 27 at $1.379 million, reports a contingent contract today. Sold for $1.230 in 2007 and so far as I can tell, nothing significant was done to it since.


25 Rustic View

25 Rustic View

25 Rustic View, off Stanwich, took longer to sell because it started out last year at $1.825. It dropped to $1.585 in January and now has a contract. I like Rustic Vew, despite its sub development name. Nice street.

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  1. so

    27 Thornhill looks like a nice house and appears nicely renovated from pics. Should be interesting to see what price it sold at considering north of Route 1.

    Also, I’ve met and worked with many great and honest realtors, but some didn’t meet my expectations. As a reminder, those that fell short can find a Code of Ethics here:

    Also, I’d recommend reading:
    Connecticut General Statutes Section §20-320 and Section §20-328-55a(c).

    Surprised there are so many lawyer jokes with some of these licensed realtors.