Boy, is he strict!

The Taco Bell put down

The Taco Bell put down

Mr. Manners strikes, at Taco Bell.

A Taco Bell patron grabbed a fellow diner around the throat and struck him with a chair after accusing the victim of not excusing himself after he burped inside the South Carolina eatery.

Isaiah Morris, 20, told cops that he and a friend were “sitting in a booth eating” Sunday afternoon when an unknown white male asked if he “had just belched and not said excuse me,” according to a Tega Cay Police Department report.

When Morris asked the man what he had said, the attacker picked up a chair and struck Morris in the elbow. Morris said that the man then grabbed him by the throat and tried to head-butt him. At that point, Cara Martin, a 17-year-old Taco Bell worker, interceded and ordered the man to leave the restaurant.

My father used to tell us to take our elbows off the table without saying “please”, and that bit of childhood trauma kept me on a therapist’s couch for years. Poor Isaiah Morris.


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15 responses to “Boy, is he strict!

  1. The factual account of this story would read”So there I was, just a poor, underprivileged, disenfranchised black child, looking for all the world just as innocent as Trayvon Martin, trying to eat my one meal of the day.My mama, she clean dem cracka’s toilets for I can eat onct a day just axe her. Then this big ol’ Redneck Honkey mo’ fo’ jump up and busts me in my mouth for no reason. and I says, Ma Lawd! why dis here cracka wanna be all up in my grill and bust me in my mouth for no mo’ fo’ reason?” I think he was wearin’ a sheet, too. Talkin’ ’bout how he some sorta gran wizard or gizzard or some stuff like dat dere.. This here was racism, straight up. i dun herd the N-word, too. He bust me in my mouth. Gonna gun me down like a dog in the street like whut happen ta our lil brudderTrayvon. Now I’s gonna git the Reverent Al Shapton on his white ass, now. This ain’t ova! This ain’t ova! like the reverent done said befo”

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    Taco Bell gets a bad rap. Sure it causes excessive ass gas, but who cares? It tastes good. So blow a fart, pinch a loaf, and deal with it. Am I right?

    Are you a White Castle aficionado? I could eat those all day long, and then they make you dump like a truck driver. SLIDERS DUDE!! They rock!!

    But I am still pondering the Transvestite Vegetarian Grandmother jokes. I could do better.

    What do you call an elderly, transvestite, vegetarian, elderly Grandmother? YOUR FIANCEE!!

    I think that one wins Dude. What do you think?
    Your Pal,

    • Ok, I’ve just fainted, Walt you ol’ polecat, you!

      • Walt

        Dude –
        What do you call an elderly, transvestite, vegetarian, elderly Grandmother?
        What do you call an elderly, transvestite, vegetarian, elderly Grandmother?
        My Hottie!!
        What do you call an elderly, transvestite, vegetarian, elderly Grandmother?
        The girl I have been looking for!!

        OK. It’s out of my system now. I have cracked the code. Lit the wick. Spewed my juice. I AM OVER IT FOR GOD’S SAKE!! Can’t we just move on? BUNNYTEE has provoked me!!

        Did you now say Pollack jokes?

        How do you stop a Polish army on horseback?
        Turn off the carousel.

        How do you sink a submarine full of Polacks?
        Knock on the hatch.

        Jews now? Greeks? Some PR stuff? Just let me know.

        Brunch tomorrow?
        Your Pal,

        • Ohhh. so the demon-devil bunny made you do it? Where have I heard that before? I admit to uncharacteristic cackling upon reading the Pollack jokes. Brunch? Mimosas on me!

  3. AJ

    Wow, an extreme case of the persona, the projection and the shadow thingy. For those who missed it the last time I posted it, assuming you even care, here it is in the this brief (14 page) PDF excerpt from “No Boundary” beginning where the arrow has been drawn at the top of the first page. What’s it about? How people who do this sort of thing split off the parts of their personalities that they find objectionable and project them onto other people.

    These are people who have yet to evolve to a fully formed ego — split personalities in essence — making them sub-human in a sense, but then good manners do require bashing someone’s face in who is rude enough to forget Miss Manners’ most important rules for living in a polite society.

    The shadow knows, no it doesn’t:

    Click to access nbshadow.pdf

    • Whoa. Freud would be proud. Precisely what, if I may so inquire does a fully formed ego or lack thereof have to do with the above? Manners are what distinguishes a society as being civilized or uncivilized. Do the beasts of the field dine? Does the bush savage, flinging his half-gnawed bone over his shoulder to his squaw, dine? No, only mankind dines. It follows then, savages belch and emit other offensive noises whilst stuffing themselves. Whereas, we the civilized dine.
      Truth be told, I’m not above demanding a better table if the savage next to me is chewing with an open mouth and acting as though the hog trough has been filled and open for business.

  4. That being said, I noticed you avoided my attempt to engage you in Freudian vs. Reichian discussion. I’m a Reich girl, myself. That whole Electra Complex pile of bovine…err just really irked me long time ago.
    Also of note, I’m told you’re the resident conspiracy theorist, not to be confused with the resident liberal who comes flying outta the closet now and again foaming at the mouth and railing about Haliburton, et. al..

  5. Anonymous

    I want to do the same to all the vulgar people who spit on the sidewalk. This isn’t China – I’d like to learn them some manners, I would.

    • I lived in Berlin, Germany for eight should see what Germans do on the sidewalk! In public view. Just lettin’ it all hang out. Fry your eyeballs right outta your head, it will.

      • AJ

        Reich thought that if women sat in a box made of materials similar to those used in the construction of the Arc of the Covenant and diddled themselves that they could cure themselves of cancer and world peace would ensue.

        Freud, on the other hand, saw everything in terms of the big penis, and thought that all guys at some level wanted to have sex with their mother. MILFs, anyone?

        As for fried eyeballs, I think we’re all jaded to the point that taking offence at anything is mere pretense. Things that people do on the sidewalk? You mean like the following?

        But this doesn’t even hold a candle compared to “Two Girls and One Cup” which I will not link to: it being beyond the scope of this real estate blog unless you want to include it in the “disgusting things people do in apartments” category.

  6. ok, so who has tried sitting in said box, performing said act and proving that Reich was full of it?

    I don’t even need to see what’s beyond the face in that video link, it tells me all I need to know.. I shan’t sully myself.
    Btw, isn’t it Walt’s job to do the sullying around here? This is a real estate blog???