Forget it, it’s Chicagotown, Jake

Chicago-is-famous-for-three-thingsCriminal pedigree required for entry into Democrat rule, still.

CHICAGO, March 17 (Reuters) – In the Illinois primary elections on Tuesday, candidates on Chicago’s Democratic ballot will include someone who served a prison term for bribery, another who is due to go on trial on bribery charges this spring and a third charged with bank fraud.

“It’s a terrible indictment” of the local political culture, said Dick Simpson, a former Chicago alderman who teaches at University of Illinois at Chicago. “There is still a patronage-based political army on the West Side of Chicago.”

Political experts say all three candidates are either guaranteed victory or heavily favored to win.


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2 responses to “Forget it, it’s Chicagotown, Jake

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    Yes, but Jesse Jackson Jr’s sin was that he didn’t share the loot with his gang.

  2. Ark

    Scalia has definitively ruled that the deep dish stuff in Chicago though tasty ain’t pizza.