Sale price reported on Ginkgo Lane


7 Ginkgo Lane

7 Ginkgo Lane

No. 7, asked for $1.850, got $1.685. The house didn’t work for me, notwithstanding its renovation; it felt cramped, but as I just pointed out, different houses for different people.


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4 responses to “Sale price reported on Ginkgo Lane

  1. Cos Cobber

    Cute and tasteful. 1.685 seems right for the buyer and seller.

    • I’ll admit that a price i think is too high (emphasis on”I” – not an objective standard) can affect my opinion of a house, just as a bargain price works the other way. I do try to return to houses with price cuts if I had a bad initial opinion of them, precisely because of this. I didn’t make it back to 7 Ginkgo, so that may be why I didn’t like it.
      As an example, I once toured a house for sale in the back country when it was listed at $8 million and really disliked it. A year or so later I was driving past when I noticed it had an open house going on so I stopped in and walked through it again, and loved it. “This is a great house”, I said to the listing agent, “what’d they do to it?” “Cut its price $2 million”, he said, and indeed, that’s all they’d done to make a bad deal into an enticing one. It sold shortly thereafter.

  2. Cos Cobber

    I just don’t know what you could get at this price point in the golden triangle that didn’t need 650k to 1M bucks to upgrade. Sure, its small, but the house is tidy and seemingly functional. Same with the grounds.