Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper, et in sæcula sæculorum.

"Weill Cottage" 440 Round Hill Rd, Greenwich, CT

“Weill Cottage”
440 Round Hill Rd, Greenwich, CT

Historical Society hosts exhibit on Greenwich’s “Great Estates”.

“Enjoying the Country Life: Greenwich’s Great Estates” covers five decades, from about 1880 to 1930 — “a period marked by unbridled spending by America’s elite to build estates of staggering proportions.”

Of the nine estates mentioned in the exhibition, slated for April 9 through Aug. 31, none stands in its original form: seven have been demolished and one, Indian Harbor, was significantly altered and reduced in size in 1938. Another, Rocklyn, built in 1895, was damaged by fire and reconstructed around 1927.

I wonder how many of the maxi-pads erected in Greenwich during the past twenty years will still be standing in 2030?


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9 responses to “Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper, et in sæcula sæculorum.

  1. I’d say “Sic transit gloria mundi” would be more appropriate to the topic than the second half of the Gloria Patri from the Roman mass but I suppose the latter applies as well.

    • If I understand what I wrote, it translates as, roughly, “as it was, so it shall be, forever”, and I was referring to the ego-driven need to build huge monuments to oneself, and the fate of what is so built and the people who build them.

      I could just as well have borrowed “earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust” from the Episcopalians, but I thought the RC’s was more classy.

      • We are learning latin, but are not that advanced, yet. I cannot believe how great it is, easy to learn, and connects so many things in vocabulary and grammar!

  2. How large were the basements….probably FAR more rational..

  3. Once

    It’s funny how the excess’s of some eras, like the Newport mansions, are celebrated but the ones built today are ridiculed and laws written to eliminate them. I wonder if in eighty years the mansions built today will be public parks on a mansion tour.

  4. Anonymous

    Have some coke and a smile.