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Entering Sudentenland

Entering Sudentenland

Putin annexes Crimea.

MOSCOW—President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday moved to annex the breakaway Ukrainian region of Crimea but sought to reassure Ukraine by saying Russia has no further designs on its neighbor’s territory.

In an otherwise defiant speech to parliament and top officials, Mr. Putin dismissedsanctions and threats of other consequences from Europe and the U.S., saying the West had “crossed the line” by fomenting what he called a putsch in Kiev earlier this year.

Mr. Putin signed treaties formally annexing Crimea and the port city of Sevastopol, which has long had a separate administrative status.

Even if he stops there, Mr. Putin’s annexation of the Black Sea peninsula would be the first such move in Europe since the end of World War II, upending long-held assumptions about security on the continent and potentially condemning Russia to a period of prolonged isolation.

Mr. Putin’s public statements during the crisis haven’t always aligned with Russian actions. Only two weeks ago, he said Moscow had no plans to annex Crimea.


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15 responses to “Smart Diplomacy™

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    This is serious stuff. Putin is doing whatever he wants. Willy nilly. Hercky jerky. Unopposed. While our jug eared community organizer looks on and does nothing.

    At one time we ruled the world. We set policy. NOW WE ARE EUNICHS!! Second class retards, with no say in world affairs. THIS IS WHAT WE ASPIRE TO? We should be ashamed of ourselves.

    This community organizer commie has driven this country into the ground. And I don’t see it coming back.

    Anyhows, want to have lunch tomorrow? I will stuff a burger down your throat.
    MY TREAT!!
    You loser.
    Your Pal,

    • Putin is doing no more nor less then we would ask our leaders to do, (that is, if we had any leaders that were worth asking).
      The west not only was involved in the unrest in the Ukraine but financed it as the west financed the unrest in Libya, Egypt and Syria.
      Putin is simply halting the strategic movements of the evil EU & Western Bankers from surrounding Russia, and it could very well start WW3.

      Remember when “lord” Obama leaned over to President Medvedev and whispered a message to Vlad?

      If you believe there is no deeper agenda here then you’re fast asleep…….., “sweet dreams”!

  2. OG17

    Obama and Hillary have reset us back to the Cold War, except Barry’s not smart enough to figure that out. Maybe Kerry can talk Putin to death….

  3. Vice Admiral McGilicutty

    Wouldnt be surprised if this was a RibbenMolotov type deal.

  4. Anonymous

    The people of Crimea voted. End of story.

  5. Anonymous

    seriously, what exactly is the USA/EU supposed to do?

    • Chief Scrotum

      Its a lot more fun to go meddle overseas where you don’t have to be accountable about what happens and most Americans don’t really care. Unlike at home where everyone can see what you do or don’t do.

      Even funnier, is that the same folks here clamor we do ‘something’ (which means costing tens of billions) but these same folks will pull you into the street and beat you up, if you say a family cant live on minimum wage and it should be raised.

    • The left (and isolationists, of all political persuasions) chose to ignore decades of warnings from conservatives about the long term effects and consequences of our retreating from the world stage. We’ve reduced our navy and army -Europe unilaterally disarmed- we stopped the export of LNG that could free Europe from depending on Russia as its sole supplier, drawn false lines in the sand, sent the president on a world tour to apologize for American imperialism and so on (I’m writing from my IPhone, with typing limitations). Now all those predictions are coming true and the isolationists look around, baffled, and ask ” what can you do to get us out of this?”
      Same thing with domestic policy. Since 1968, when Moynihan warned that the welfare system was destroying the black family, through today, liberals have accused anyone who criticized their policies as racists. Now 90% of inner city students graduate from high school as illiterate as the day they entered the public school system, blacks have a 70% illegitimacy rate, and the poor are still poor. Instead of acknowledging the failure of their policies, liberals ask for money and demand, even though they’re not interested in hearing the answer, ” we’ll what would you do?”
      China’s moving to end the freedom of the seas, dictatorships are moving to end the freedom of the Internet as we relinquish the role of protecting that freedom, and in five years, you gutsy will be throwing your hands up in the air and asking, “what happened, and what, really, can we do about it now?”

      • Love your blog Chris, you’ve come a long way toward understanding World Politics, but you’re still ensnarled in the lie that America is led in either party by people who have America’s best interest at heart.

        Who do you believe started this mess in the Ukraine to begin with, and I suppose you still believe the Democrats are a different party from the Republicans as well!

        dig deeper

      • towny

        the us is isolationist?. ha ha. i laughed so hard i nearly fell off my chair.

      • Chief Scrotum

        I’m not liberal or isolationist, but what you perceive as a systemic fault is what the leaders wanted and are features. The US spent a trillion on the poverty war, still lots of poverty, and its only a short walk from our richest neighborhoods. Spent hundreds of billions on the drug war, but every 12 year old knows where to buy drugs, but its a mystery to the cops. Banks, a govt sponsored monopoly openly violate trading with the enemy laws, yet somehow, no one goes to prison.

        When the US had the chance to destroy China in the late 40s, it didn’t and the US didn’t destroy Russia in the 90s when it could have.

        Its possible to think this is a grand plan unfolding before us and we’re not in control. Scary, huh?


  6. Publius

    Here is an example of Smart Diplomacy in action.,0,5276497.story

    We now have a new climate change website. This website is a message to the Russians that the oceans/seas are rising and their over reliance on oil/gas to fuel their economy will accelerate climate change and ultimately (within 3 years I guess) will consume the Crimean peninsula leaving the Russian navy with no port at all. Take that Vlad, you hooligan!! Very smart approach.