The only app you’ll ever need

run-awayNew app warns you when people you know are nearby.

Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter have meant that we often have a pretty good idea where our friends are.

A new app uses that data to create an ‘antisocial network ‘ letting users easily avoid people they are less keen to meet.

The Cloak app can warn when acquaintances are nearby – and even alert you if they venture perilously close.

It allows users to specify the contacts they really don’t want to run into.

The app then ‘scrapes’ Instagram and Foursquare to find out where they are – and alerts you if the come close.

‘Cloak lets you know where all your friends, ‘friends,’ and nonfriends are at all times so you never have to run into that special someone,’ the firm said.

‘Think of it as the antisocial network.’

Gotta get it.


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21 responses to “The only app you’ll ever need

  1. Mark B

    I am SO getting this.

  2. Anonymous


  3. Vice Admiral McGilicutty

    Great! Now I can move from the ends of the earth, back to Greenwich.

  4. Are there still any questions remaining on how Obama got elected…TWICE? Really?
    So while the sheeple shuffle through life, poking at gadgets, updating this or that as though everyone on this totally over heated planet gives a rat’s backside about what you’re doing every five minutes or where you might be at any given second, there are those of us who reject this nonsense for the sake of paying attention to what’s going out there. So poke on, herd members, text some more, plow another carload of kids, Don’t you know those gadgets like fry your brain cells or something? It’s techno heroin. It keeps you distracted and blissfully ignorant of reality. Meanwhile, Obama is wearing out Executive Order after Order. Pay attention. Look up once in awhile. KNOW what’s going on.
    Pop Quiz: who can spell Crimea and find it now belongs to Russia on a map?
    Is Obama’s use/abuse of Executive Order to circumvent Congress illegal? True or False.
    How much of the Ross Ice Sheet has been destroyed by global warming and why have water levels not risen and consumed Los Angeles-like I hope and pray will happen in my lifetime.
    Any questions remaining?

    • Anonymous

      Did lil’ bunnytwee fooget hur medwication twooday

      • Well, there was this one industrial strength anti-psychotic, I think.

        FYI, I don’t need meds, I’m like this all the time so bite me,liberal/ lurker/ troll.i bet you voted for Obama, like what? 72 times or so?

        • Roger Rabbit

          We know so little about you bunny other than maybe you are married to The Wizard, feel women shouldn’t get any free passes for being women, and have strong opinions about Obama. We’re family here, so for you to burst onto this stage without any back story leaves us wanting to know more. Fair?

        • Fair schmair. Bursting onto the scene is just how I roll. Bombastic is a term often applied to me. As is also, does not suffer fools,easily, especially trolls and lurkers, and plays well with others provided they’re not idiots, ballsy is another term, natural born leader, tendency towards hyperbole, well above average intelligence with the IQ scores to prove it, sharp tongue, acid dripping, razor witted, calmly rip your testicles off and hand them to you with a charming smile, easily and comfortably swims with sharks, earns her stripes and wears them well, takes no crap from virtually anyone for any reason, is about 5.5 steps to the Right of Rush, has a concealed weapons permit and regularly packs a loaded Glock on her person- the RTKBA is a firm, long held belief as well, is a lifetime member of the NRA-though admittedly, a concealed weapon is often difficult to conceal whilst wearing select vintage Dior pieces, is the product of a well to do, long established Conservative San Francisco commercial construction family-I’m fourth generation money, to put it vulgar terms, and yes, most people find” conservative SF” to be an oxymoron of the first order, has never attended a public school other than Texas A & M, holds an MBA from same, is still an active Alumna of the Tri-Deltas, is an accomplished high end telecommuting stockbroker with multiple insurance line licenses with a few dabblings in real estate, though nothing to really speak of. Yes, I’m married to “The Wizard” which explains how I just sorta showed up here, (I’m somewhat familiar with this site by means of having “lurked” over his shoulder now and again,as well as hearing Walt’s posts read aloud to me-the guy just kills me- we have no children by choice, I’ve been married to him for the past fifteen years+, he’s an upper management guy in commercial construction operating all over Pennsylvania, I’m very snarky, only because it’s just how I am, I completely abhor herd mentality and most of pop culture, finding it to be useless and usually idiotic…my pet peeve would be:women attempting to beg off earning their own way by having multiple illegitimate children whilst claiming they deserve an “opportunity” to achieve. No one gets respect, opportunity nor success just handed over, free gratis, just plain sickens me. Make and earn your own opportunity. These things are earned not whimpered, begged or merely given. Women are NOT victims unless they allow themselves to be victimized. as in: hook up with bum: bums beats the hell out of you: you hide the black eye he gave you? WTF? Drill him, stupid, right between the eyes, even a .25 will do the job: problem solved, opportunity knocks.. and don’t bother telling anyone that you”love” the horse’s ass, either and while we’re at it: cease allowing him to impregnate you! Ok, I’m risking a full bore rant here..back to me. My father taught and demanded of me that I earn my own way and not expect things to be handed over because I’m a member of an imaginary “weaker sex” or a financially fortunate upbringing. I have an “old school” work ethic. I scare most men and even more women to death. I’m used to it, now. Most women usually dislike me for many of the things cited above. I’m used to that, too. I’m not a narcissist but I do know exactly who I am, what I’m made of, what I believe in and why. I know myself, my own mind, and exactly what I want out of life. I’m pretty much a classic Type A. So lead or get the hell out of the way is totally me.
          I’m a cut above and maintain that well and usually without fail. I do get my hands dirty now and again because I adore gardening, and fresh flowers are the mark of a civilized household. I give my own dogs a weekly bath without fail, I can change a flat tire if I had to, though this runs the risk of ruining a perfectly good manicure. So that’s me in a nut shell. i’m bitchy, classy, intelligent and prone to using it all. I’m not afraid to tell anyone to go pound sand in a rat hole, most especially if I think you’re stupid. And yes, I’m arrogant but I earn that arrogance. I love verbal sparring but it’s not personal. i love words and the history of root words, so I’m something of a hobby lexiphile. I’m an amateur rock and fossil collector, a history buff, pretty much straight as an arrow during the week but a little bendy on the weekends. A life long heterosexual. I like men and man parts only, so I made sure I didn’t settle for second best and married a good one. I’m not marred up by tacky tattoos, freaky piercings or cosmetic amputations, I’m all original meaning I’m not a member of the silicone squad. I don’t embrace sexuality as a political platform nor believe that anyone deserves specialized rights for their sexuality. It’s personal business keep it that way. If you don’t like how you’re treated or viewed for those areas then keep your business to yourself. I am under no obligation, moral or otherwise to accept your personal perversions or head wiring problems. I just don’t care with whom or how you choose to have sex. Period. Easy. I believe transgender-ed anything is an abomination and perversion of nature. The wiring in your head has gone very wrong somewhere along the line if your name is James but you like to be called Jessica on the weekends. I think Ru-Paul is about as much of a perverted freak as Dennis Rodman is. I’m a New England Patriots fan-but this is due to maintaining the domestic peace-The Wizard loves his Patriots-, I’ll always love my hometown team, the 49ers. I can hold my own where football is concerned but am by no means scholarly on the subject. If you bribe me with a bottle of good merlot, first., I can tolerate hockey. Baseball bores me to death. I’ll golf only if I can drive the cart complete with a bottle of good merlot at hand. And to hell with the glass, I’ll drink from the bottle, provided no one is looking.and then, to hell with and damn the torpedoes with the 90 degree angle rule! I see NASCAR as pointless with a fan base populated by the unlearned, file under: Who gives a… driving in circles? Not even on the golf course. I can play basketball well, but don’t watch it. I tried out for the Oakland Raiderettes , just after college but though making the cut, schedule conflicts forced me to drop the position Realistically,I’m not easily handled-just ask the Wizard. No, I don’t take meds to alter my personality in any way, I do just fine without them. Honestly, I rarely apologize for any of the above so don’t look for that. I’m politically savvy. I detest liberal-anything. I’m a hard core fiscal conservative. But a social Libertarian. Making it personal or nipping at my heels only serves to irritate me, come real or don’t come at all. So here I am. Take it or leave it. Oh, I’m addicted to caffeine and cannot function without it, to me, drip coffee comes in an IV bag straight into my femoral arteries. I have a weakness for squeezing nice bi-ceps, adore Godiva chocolate, and French macrons and bubble baths, but not necessarily in that order.. Now, aren’t you happy you asked?

    • EOSredux

      BunnyTee: Welcome to the network of strong willed women! I am sure Peg, Greenwich Gal, and Housecat would join me in saying we LOVE having another vagina monologuer. I’ve been away so I’m not caught up to when you joined etc.

      • Why, thank you ever so much! It should prove a welcome change to not discover myself among yet another corral of the the insipid,simpering, weak-minded, sorry assed excuses for women. Vagina Monologuer? I’m more of the Vagina Dentata type. Vagina Charcharodon Carcharias, as it were.
        I sorta just showed up by means of my husband being on here for quite some time. His reading aloud from the PC to the living room of Walt’s posts, drew me in. That, and Libertarian Advocate’s faux-flipping of the race card was the final nail in the coffin.
        Welcome back from wherever you’ve been..I hope it was some place that allowed you to work on your tan lines!

        • EOSredux

          Your life story is incredible. So full, no wishy-washy in your bones. I think we’d be friends, with the possible exception that we love NASCAR and motorcycle racing, tattoos don’t bother me, and we are serious golfers who would never dream of taking wine along. Other than those pesky little details, we are from similar molds. I always knew The Wizard was smart; now knowing he married you, well, he’s risen to the ranks of MENSA!

          To answer your question: Bora Bora and Tahiti. Aaaah.

        • Bora Bora, Tahiti..a woman after my own heart! Have you tried out Atlantis, yet?
          And thank you, I’ll take your comment as a true compliment. Actually, I see myself as just ordinary, the fact that ordinary is a relative term, notwithstanding. Motorcycle racing? I’m not pro by any stretch, but have been known to toss my briefcase to one side, a pair of Louboutins to the other and take off to thrash the Wizard’s dirt bike now and again. Stress relief. Like a spa day on two wheels. Gotta watch the nails, though. Dirt bikes can be rough on the nails.
          The Wizard is smart and, never forget that he knows it. That makes for a dangerous man. He’s as straight up as they come, so what you see is what you get. But he’d tell you that being married to me is a two-edged sword. You know what I mean…..girl stuff.
          Wishy-washy, i’m never accused of. except maybe on chocolate days, those can be difficult.
          Race you to the golf cart!

    • Fred2

      Bunny, may I make a plea for easier readability?

      Paragraphing, a line of white space…

      otherwise, please feel free to carry on.

      • Certainly, you can make a plea. I vow to give it all the consideration it deserves in return. i’m not a word processor, however. That’s a little below my pay grade white line of space…paragraphing…..umyeahok..

      • Personal note to Fred2:
        I’ve conducted a survey and have discovered that I’m not the only one experiencing my posts appearing as run-on sans paragraph breaks. I knew my typing skills weren’t THAT bad. Still, I assumed there was some sort of software on this site that auto condensed for space considerations. Maybe, it’s just me but I shall endeavor to do better. So..Onward! Through the Fog!!

  5. Libertarian Advocate

    Hey Chris, I think you’ve finally found the right woman in bunnytee!

  6. Anonymous

    Can anyone tell me why the US is giving up control of the Internet root directory?

    My only answer is that it fits with my conspiracy theory that Obama is a double agent tasked with knee-capping America. He is on course to do the following:

    Ending military dominance
    Ending financial dominance
    Ending dollar’s position as trading currency
    Ending Internet oversight
    Ending international seas oversight

    • That’s an easy one: Liberals believe that we must “make friends with the enemy” In baser terms: lay down your weapons and those who seek assault, pillage, and plunder will be moved towards non- violent means, alot like bass ackwards thinking of- it’ll hurt less if you don’t fight back.
      After all, we deserve it, right? America’s chickins is comin’ home!

      But, you are absolutely right in that Obama has been tasked with knee capping us. ” In order to save this nation, we must destroy it “and rebuild it in our own Socialist Utopian pipe dream, Neo-Muslim-ism. Spread the Wealth Around! In our weakness, we shall be strong and all that bovine…err.. stuff. Marginalize the Right! Haul them off to the gas chambers in cattle cars…Elevate the disenfranchised freak perversions of nature. Make all manner of of fornication, perversions, and wickedness main stream and totally acceptable. Give them the wealth! and all that. Never mind that history demonstrates that this approach has NEVER once worked.

      • Libertarian Advocate

        It is said that Albert Einstein once noted that a definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, always expecting a different result. I say it’s actually a better definition of stupidity, so yes, in effect I am saying that socialists, or as they prefer to call themselves these days, progressives, are STUUUUUUPID!!!!!!

        • Which is exactly the reason behind my above rant on avoiding the techno heroin of today. Twitter-maniacs convinced that positively everyone wants to know if you’re in the shower, or otherwise. Am I trending? Hash tag Idiot.
          The further dumbing down of the herd.
          America was once the scholastic gold standard. Now, we have H/s graduates who can’t find North America on a map! Much less properly spell.
          I read an article that was a plea from educators ( I use the term loosely only because I believe educators of today are merely nothing more than mass adjudicators) claiming that we as a society should alter and make acceptable things like spelling friends to ” frndz” and I quote “it’s just too hard for them to learn to spell “friends” correctly. Really? However did the rest of us make it? Were the Laws of Physics altered because it was just too hard? Or The Periodic Table of the Elements? Or Mass xs Velocity Squared? Let us not delve into the glorious fun that was Algebra II or pre-Trig.
          You just learned it. Punto. After all the Maha-Rushie says, “words mean things”

          Yet, the “too hard for us” crew can text like what? 95 misspelled WPM?
          See what I mean? Techno heroin. The dumbing down process. The Terminally Distracted. That’s MY term, btw. I invented it. If forced, I’ll copyrght it. Terminally Distracted, says it all.