The science is unsettled

Lucky-Strike-Doctor-Cigarette-AdOmega-3 oil doesn’t do diddly. Next thing you know, they’ll debunk the “truth” that saturated fats are bad for you – oh wait, they just did that.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include my grandfather’s own contribution to good health (although in fact, he didn’t smoke):

John Gilbert


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12 responses to “The science is unsettled

  1. Rivman

    Was your grandfather in advertising? What he didn’t tell you was that the men in these ads were in a mobile box like Captain Pike in an early Star Trek episode due to their body cancers.

  2. AJ

    LSMFT! Lucky Strike means fine tobacco taste, or loose sweaters make flabby tits? Is the science settled? You decide.

  3. Science is settled…we are LUCKY!

  4. AJ

    Eating diets that are high in omega 3s can protect you brain, whereas diets high in 6s can shrink dendrites leading to depression. According to “The Empty Chair” episode of “The Untouchables” they knew this back in the 20s, or at least back in 1959 when this episode was made.

    From “The Empty Chair” aired October, 15, 1959. Check out the last line:

    Nitti: What’s the matter, Jake, Eliot Ness been chasin’ you?

    Rico: (about Volpe and Raddi) I don’t handle garbage with my bare hands.

    Nitti: You, you got any ambition?

    Sammons: I want just what I got.

    Scalmone: Remarkable. This man Guzik must be a genius.

    Ness: As a bookkeeper or a crook?

    Scalmone: Both

    Norma: Jake’s whole life was backwards.

    Ness: Too many people have the same problem.

    Nitti: What you been eatin’, Jake? You talk like you got a bullet proof stomach.

    Guzik: I been eatin’ fish. Brain food.

  5. Get "Lucky" 2014 Daff Punk

  6. Anon

    Looks like Gideon!

  7. BigMike

    What really matters is minimizing inflammation in your arterial system.
    If you can increase your HDL’s (high density lipo-proteins that carry LDL’s and VLDL’s (low density lipo proteins and triglycerides) out of the blood to the liver, to be removed from the body you decrease the opportunity for inflammation in the blood.
    Makes sense right?

    BTW ..,the only thing at increases HDL production is resistance training.
    Maybe I should plow under my yard the proper way.