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I’d thought Helen Thomas was dead

Just resting

Just resting

Scientists announce new dinosaur discovery.


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Ready the Osprey for Bo

Walking the dog

Don’t know how to do it, I’ll show you how to walk the dog

The First Family of Shared Sacrifice begins planning its summer vacation on Martha’s Vineyard.

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NASA-funded study: only communism can save the world

communists_obama_poster_2601_e1318990064306Remember when Obama promised to “remove politics from science”? His base cheered. And what do we hear from them now? Crickets. Here’s the story.

If the United States wants to avoid falling like the Roman Empire, it must avoid “overconsumption” and distribute resources equally, according to a study funded by NASA.

“The fall of the Roman Empire, and the equally (if not more) advanced Han, Mauryan, and Gupta Empires, as well as so many advanced Mesopotamian Empires, are all testimony to the fact that advanced, sophisticated, complex, and creative civilizations can be both fragile and impermanent,” reads the NASA-funded report published in theEcological Economics journal.

“Two important features seem to appear across societies that have collapsed,” the study adds. “The stretching of resources due to the strain placed on the ecological carrying capacity and the economic stratification of society into Elites and Masses.”

.. accumulated surplus is not evenly distributed throughout society, but rather has been controlled by an elite. The mass of the population, while producing the wealth, is only allocated a small portion of it by elites, usually at or just above subsistence levels.”

With each passing day our Dear Leader looks less and less like a befuddled, progressive naif and more like someone determined to destroy our country.


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Democrats caught bribing legislators to oppose voter I.D., but it’d be “racist” to prosecute

47T-NotToBeUsedForBribing-Large-on-dollarThey’re on tape, the money’s in hand, but those are black people stuffing cash in their pockets, so the state won’t prosecute. Oh, and they’re Democrats, too , and since Fudrucker and DB have assured us there is no voter fraud among the Democratic ranks, this must never have happened.

Pennsylvania Democrats were caught on surveillance tape reportedly accepting cash bribes in return for opposing voter ID in the Pennsylvania legislature. Gifts of Tiffany’s jewelry were also given to Democrat legislators from Philadelphia, reportedly in exchange for “NO” votes on a Pennsylvania voter ID bill that passed in 2012.

Despite this evidence, Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has not charged any officials. Kane is a Democrat.

Kane’s excuse for her inaction? Racism: some of the legislators caught on tape accepting bribes were black Democrats from Philadelphia. From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

In a statement to The Inquirer on Friday, Kane called the investigation poorly conceived, badly managed, and tainted by racism, saying it had targeted African Americans.

Those who favored the sting believe Kane killed a solid investigation, led by experienced prosecutor Frank G. Fina, that had ensnared several public officials and had the potential to capture more. They said they were outraged at Kane’s allegation that race had played a role in the case.

Before Kane ended the investigation, sources familiar with the inquiry said, prosecutors amassed 400 hours of audio and videotape that documented at least four city Democrats taking payments in cash or money orders, and in one case a $2,000 Tiffany bracelet.

You can bet John Rowland wishes he were black right about now.


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How can we miss you when you won’t go away?


18 Chimney Corner - will this photo be updated come fall? Tune in and see

18 Chimney Corner – will this photo be updated come fall? Tune in and see

18 Chimney Corner Lane is back again, with yet another broker and another (well, a repeat, actually) price. Today, $10.750 million. I love this house, and have since I first saw it five brokers, 2,000 days and nine price “adjustments” ago, in 2007. The trouble is two fold: first, as the guru of Greenwich real estate, Tom Gorin, once observed, “lots of people want a contemporary house (in Greenwich), but they want their contemporary house.” I’m paraphrasing, but the point is, a unique, contemporary home custom built for the exact tastes and needs of one person is probably too unique to appeal to someone looking for his or her own vision. That’s not a problem at some price points, where compromise is expected, but at this range, where someone can afford to pay for his own  house as he sees it, it can hurt.

Plus, and speaking of unique needs, this has just three bedrooms in all its 6,000 square feet and no easy way to incorporate more. That’s a problem.

And pricing indecision hasn’t helped, as the owners have flung numbers at the wall so often that a buyer could be excused for thinking the owners have no idea what they’re looking for. It started with one broker in 2007 at $14.9 million, switched brokers and bumped the price to $15.750 in 2008, returned to $14.5 in ’09, dropped to $10.750 in ’12, jumped to $11.250 in ’13 and now we’re back with broker number five (or six, who can count?) at $10.750.

All that said, this is a great house, and someone is going to love it; eventually, and at some price. Perhaps we’ll find out what that price is, someday.


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Land contract

201 Clapboard Ridge Rd (photo credit, Ken Yorke)

201 Clapboard Ridge Rd (photo credit, Ken Yorke, Shore & Prairie Properties)

201 Clapboard Ridge Road (near its Round Hill terminus), asking $2.695. Roughly five acres, excluding its access strip, in the R-2 zone. There are some wetlands, so you can’t get two homes here, but the listing says it’s been approved for a 7,000+ sq. house and septic and when I saw it I thought there was plenty of land to build a dry house and enjoy a large yard. And “wetlands” is a fuzzy term; were not talking Great Okefenokee Swamp here, just land you won’t have to maintain.

This started off back in October, 2012 at $3.295 and couldn’t find a buyer. At, say, $2.5, it makes sense. Nice piece of property, and if you take advantage of the silence of your Tesla, you can probably run down Dick Blumenthal as he jogs past.


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March Madness

Citizenette found this



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New listing


29 Evergreen

29 Evergreen

29 Evergreen (off Lake Avenue), $1.295. Being sold “as is”, but it’s on a half-acre in the R-12 zone, so plenty of room for expansion, renovation or razing. I haven’t seen the place, but it the land is decent, this is another example of a free house. Might be a decent buy.


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Round Hill Road sale




47 Round Hill Road, $6.650 million (our new MLS system now yanks listings from the internet the instant they’re reported sold, I imagine so that buyers can’t compare. Another triumph for the Greenwich Association of Realtors’ campaign against transparency. In any event, the owners paid $8.175 for the place back in 2005, asked $8.195 this time around, and got less than $7.

So it goes.


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Save Vladimir!

12968746705_361bc0bafc_zGreens pressure Obama to halt natural gas exports to Europe.

Environmental groups called on President Obama Tuesday to reject pending applications to build liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminals, citing the negative impacts from natural gas throughout its life cycle.

The pressure from green groups comes amid Republican calls for the administration to speed up the application process in response to Russia’s use of its natural gas resources as political leverage over Europe. Russia supplies most of Ukraine’s natural gas and is also a major supplier throughout much of Europe.

Jobs, profits and a threat to Russian hegemony; the triple whammy, to progressives, and “it must be stopped!”


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It’s about tax revenue, not the health of citizens

"We're talking about saving lives here!"

“We’re talking about saving lives here!”

Christie wants to raise taxes on e-cigarettes to match those on tobacco, in order to offset lost revenue. You might think, if you were twelve-years-old and hadn’t had time to develop a healthy cynicism towards politicians, that a state would want to encourage anything that helped people quit smoking, but no – not if that reduced the money flow to the capital.

Similarly, when Connecticut was handed hundreds of millions of dollars from the tobacco companies and it pledged to spend at least half the money on stop-smoking programs, the Hartford Yahoos did the necessary calculations and reduced the amount to $8 million, all of which went to hiring a new handful of friends of the pols. People quit smoking, some poor person’s gonna die from lack of food stamps.


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Malloy: “I’m as embarrassed as you are, but we’re working on it”

Well at least i've gotten rid of the gun manufacturers - you've got to give me that

Well at least I’ve gotten rid of the gun manufacturers – you’ve got to give me that

“Next year, number one!” Connecticut only has second-worst tax rates in America.


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Mystery solved



March 19, 2014 · 6:12 am