Malloy: “I’m as embarrassed as you are, but we’re working on it”

Well at least i've gotten rid of the gun manufacturers - you've got to give me that

Well at least I’ve gotten rid of the gun manufacturers – you’ve got to give me that

“Next year, number one!” Connecticut only has second-worst tax rates in America.


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17 responses to “Malloy: “I’m as embarrassed as you are, but we’re working on it”

  1. Celebrate

    4th highest HMO insurance rates in the country

  2. Pure Fluff

    He’s just a mainline progressive that is using this state as laboratory for every progressive concept imaginable. Gay marriage, legalized pot, Global Warming, Obamacare, the next addition is state sanctioned euthanasia. More to come as long as we have this one party control of the state. We might as well be in Venezuela or China in CT.

    It has nothing to do with what is right for the citizens of the state and everything to do with their agenda. So tax, tax, tax, spend spend spend on any unproven whacko idea imaginable.

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    He’s not even really a progressive, just a skanky opportunistic jerk.

    Remember, a mere two weeks before Adam Lana went full-on berserk, Danny-boy was offering Freedom Group MILLIONS in CT tax-payer subsidized low interest loans to re-locate it’s HQ to Stamford. Offer got pulled right after 12/14/12 due to the bad optics it would create for Malloy in the eyes of SCoaMF.

  4. housecat

    I would have thought this post would be catnip for Joey and $Bob. Not a single nugget of wisdom from either one. Odd…

  5. despite being a Common Core drop-out, wouldn’t CT be fourth worst (worse?) with NY at #1 and CA at #2? what’s up with Nebraska at #3?

  6. Cos Cobber

    How pissed do you think Dollar$ becomes hearing that we aren’t #1?

    All that tax revenue, the envy of the Democrats in 48 other states and its no where near enough to meet all their give-away wet dreams.

    And Malloy could spend a week without taking a breath listing all the ‘injustices’ he has yet to cure with programs, incentives, refunds and handouts.

  7. Cos Cobber

    Both local Republicans and Democrats are late to the obvious….Southwest CT is choking due to traffic congestion in all forms…

    Ask anyone running a business around here. They will tell you that traffic/congestion is a huge impediment to growing their business as employees want to live further out, but cant stand the commute to do so.

    I expect nothing practical from Hartford. The green lobby will be sure to take over any transportation bill and layer it with buses to nowhere, bikelanes for no one and walking paths for children.

    What is really needed are more enhancements to I-95 like they did in Darien with longer on/off ramps. We also need a long term plan to add a lane to the Merritt. It can be a 30 year plan and it can start with adding a lane in the segment from Stamford to Norwalk and from Norwalk to Westport.

    • hmmm

      Politicians aren’t interested in your commute as their commute is just fine. I think I remember the former AG having car service to Hartford from Greenwich. He’s in the back reading the traffic doesn’t matter.

      Where are you building these on off ramps? I agree with you but where are you building them? The main issue is from exit 6-10. How are you going to widen exits 7 and 8? train on one side and UBS/RBS on the other…no planning at all, stupidity everywhere come and get it it’s free

      • Cos Cobber

        There is a enough room to lengthen those ramps from 6-10. Most of them as they are now can be made 200 to 500 yards longer w/o any serious encroachment issues. Furthermore, where necessary, I-95 can be partially cantilevered over the local roads (over State Street).

        What cant be done, at least with federal transportation dollars, is add new lanes in a wholesale fashion up and down the interstate. Our feel green friends in Washington banned new interstate construction several years ago. The state could chose to fund it itself – but that’s not realistic, even if Robert Moses was governor.

  8. Publius

    Looks like the peeps In New Haven have sucked up all the money………… just like they sucked up +/- $1 Billion for their school re/building over the past decade. The transportation fund has been raided for years to pay for other “stuff”. There is money if you prioritize, but that word does not exist in the lexicon of the political class.

    As for fleeing the state, it is very difficult given the traffic jams… The New Haven area and Fairfield County are in the top 10 for most gridlocked areas in the country.

  9. Anonymous

    The problem with I-95 is all due the the Rt 7 interchange at Exit 14. They have been working on fixing the Exit for the last 7 years. Project should have been completed in no more than 2 years. I expect it will take another 7 years to finish. This is gov’t union contractors at their best – stretching the job and budget until they retire so they can get theirs.

    • Cos Cobber

      Agreed. The exit 14 project started off with a bang the first year and then a severe slow down over the past 2 years. I mean, pathetically nothing getting done. Seemingly there are crews of no more than 5 on any given day for a 100MM project.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      It’s an annuity from the politicians to the unions financed by us.