Mystery solved



March 19, 2014 · 6:12 am

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  1. Anonymous

    are the those cannibals that ate rockefeller?

  2. EOSredux

    As long as we are talking mysteries, I need one solved: what new vacuum to buy.

    I have an old Miele canister that is fabulous but clunky to drag around and I have a Dyson upright about five years old that just crapped out. Whatever I buy this time around needs to deal with dog hair, dirt from men trampling in with work boots, stairs, sofas, even sucking up the occasional stink bug. I’m thinking of getting a cordless Dyson but the reviews are mixed, especially about the battery life. Any thoughts?

    • Anonymous

      love the Oreck! Have had mine for more than 10 years. I also have the yellow Dyson, which is ok, but not as near as good as the Oreck.

    • Anonymous Citizenette

      Just got a Dyson DC44 last week, specifically for pet hair. It picks up a lot for a cordless. I can touch up the whole house on a charge, no problem. There are 2 suction levels…they claim reg suction batt life is 20 min., max is 8 I think. Because it isn’t on constantly, you have to hold down the button, precious battery time isn’t wasted. Also have a Miele canister, that’s the workhorse. But I’m lazy, so I plan on using this Dyson a lot, hope it lasts. My verdict so far: thumbs up.

    • Peg

      EOS, I have an Oreck, too. Cleans great. Not sure what the model # is, but it has a cord so long, I probably could vaccuum YOUR home from Minnetonka!

    • towny

      Buy an electrostatic rake for dog hair in carpets and buy an electrolux canister vac. Cost about 800 for the vac. The vac will outlive you.

      • Toonces

        HI EOS – I just bought my second Meile Calisto (first lasted 10 years). Definitely clunky. Consumer reports has calisto in the #2 spot and the first is a Kenmore for 1/2 the price. They say it’s excellent for sucking up pet hair.

    • I feel for ya, really. I have the same kinda thing going on here. Trampling man, dogs…man’s cat-worthless hair-laden beast…..
      i’m a believer in Dyson. The Dyson Digital has too little battery life for my liking but the floor model can’t be beat, I think. I have Berber carpet and getting that clean can prove difficult for other brands I’ve tried.
      A handy baseball bat for threatening trampling men works good, too, in my experience.

      • EOSredux

        Thanks for the thoughts everyone. For me, the decision also rests on where to get whatever I buy serviced. The Dyson went back to RI with Mr. EOS and he found someone way the hell in New Bedford to see if it can be repaired. No one in around Bedford/Stamford/Greenwich would even consider looking at it. My Miele came from a local seller, and I like that I can haul it in to him for service, cleaning, repair. I’m still undecided.

        • Cos Cobber

          I think there is a vacuum repair shop in cos cob – next door to plum pure foods

        • housecat

          Cobber’s right – am pretty sure they service Miele, too. Best of all, you can buy a 40 and some lottery tickets after you drop off the vac!

        • EOSredux

          CC and Housecat: thanks for the info but too late now as the Dyson took the Merritt to Rhode Island yesterday. I’m bummed that the Cos Cob repair shop didn’t show up on any Googling I did for Dyson repair. I entered a pretty big mileage radius to my 10506 zip code. Next time.

        • Cos Cobber

          EOS, What a bummer. The repair shop wait time would have been the perfect opportunity to do the Cos Cob walking tour. Think Boston’s North End meets West Virginia rustic with dabs of FF County preppy flair.

          And the repair shop is next door to a liquor store and a lotto/convenience store – how perfect is that? Sounds like Housecat has already treated herself once before.

  3. Anonymous

    i purchased a dyson (not cordless) its ok..worked well early on but its productivity declined somewhat quickly…c’est la vie.

  4. FromTheTips

    “irrational exuberance” is making a return to Greenwich Real Estate.

  5. I’m thinking the pic says it all. The circus that has become the proverbial finding the needle in the haystack, IOW: find the mysteriously absent 777 and all it’s passengers somewhere on this toxically over heated planet. Seriously? We can’t find something the size of a 777, but we have satellites that can read the brand name on a bar of soap through your bathroom window? The minting date of a dime on the sidewalk from the stratosphere? Yet, we’re playing Where on earth is Camen Miranda, SanDiego..Sandusky? Something like that. with a 777? The Malaysian government wants to attribute the whole thing to some sort of Bermuda triangle event and let’s move on, we seem to be missing a coupla ICBMs at last count….how many of those things are we supposed to have, anyway?
    I suspect the Chinese are behind this somewhere.
    What’s wrong with this picture? This whole thing is starting to stink on ice.

  6. AJ

    While many things and people showed up on Gilligan’s Island, including 3 cosmonauts and their space capsule — remember when Gilligan reruns were on 3 times a day back in he good old days of the “Dukes of Hazard” and “CHIPS” — I don’t think they landed on the island unless they ditched: there is no runway on the island. Right? You think they would have at least found Amelia Earhart there, but they didn’t. Giant spiders, yes; Amelia Earhart, no.

    I think a much more plausible explanation is the possibility of midair disappearance as exemplified at 1:00 of the following clip.

  7. Greenwich Gal

    Top of the line Miele canister! Not that I actually use it or anything.
    But whatever makes Maria Rosa happy….

    • AJ

      How quickly you all forget. The Piccolo vacuum cleaner, as featured not so long ago on this blog, functions not only as a vacuum cleaner but also as a coffee maker, paint spray gun, and auto body shop grinder — all in one. The article mistakenly identifies it as made in 1925 when it is, in fact, from the mid 1960s.

      • Honestly, it sounds like something off the Red Green Show. I knew someone who had a vacuum (here, they call them “sweepers”) with a built in back massager. Personally, I suspect it was never used as a back massager. I just can’t imagine hauling out the vacuum for a back massage, it seems kinda strange on so many levels.

        • Is that one of those prostate massagers from 1910? It looks scary.

        • So like did guys bend over, grab their ankles and back onto it or what? I remember seeing something like that on the History channel the device, once inserted administered electric shocks to the prostate. Apparently, it was supposed to alleviate some sort of health issues. I wonder who was the first to try it out.

        • Um, not a chance. I know that doctors from the era were supposed to be quite adept at curing “Hysteria” by manual means. But that contraption? Who was that hysterical?
          Has anybody seen Walt around? Isn’t it about time for a Walt Weigh In on this? The Wizard says that this subject should surely bring Walt outta the woodwork.

        • AJ

          Just like Gilligan in the US, the Red Green show used to be on several times a day in Canada. I haven’t seen it in a while, but as I recall the general premise of the show was that he had some new contraption (that didn’t exist in the real world) that was supposed to make life easier but created more problems than it solved.

        • AJ

          The evolution of f*ck machines — this compact, on site, anywhere, anytime, portable model, splendid in all its modernity, is also available in cordless:

        • “the evolution of f*ck machines” OMG
          Now WHY didn’t *I* think of that?

          I think the basic pretense of Red Green show was that duct tape is what holds the universe together.
          10 things to use your wife’s mixer for was especially entertaining.

          Gilligan’s Island was also entertaining back in the day (but it was in re-runs when I was a kid. Now? Not so much. I can’t imagine why, as a child, I thought it was prime tv content. I lived for Flipper re-runs back then, too.

    • EOSredux

      Funny!! 🙂 My housekeeper of 20+ years retired, went home to Antigua, so I am this family’s Maria Rosa. I recently demanded a pay raise but management refused. I did however get a sweeeeet vacation to French Polynesia.

      I do love my Miele canister and it cleans better than ten Dyson’s put together, but I dread dragging it around and having it bump into everything. I keep it upstairs and used the Dyson downstairs.

      • Let me show you a few houses with central vac, EOS – sure, they may set you back $5 million or so, but to save yourself dragging a vacuum up a flight of stairs? Priceless.

        • EOSredux

          Of all the houses I have owned, not a one has had a central vac system. Are they nice? I would think you still have to haul out a length of hose and attach it to the central outlet. By that time, I’d be done two rooms with my Dyson. I’d like to invent a central vacuum bubble, where men with filthy work clothes and muddy boots enter, are stripped of those vestments in a single whoosh, and sent directly to the shower in another tube, a la George Jetson.

        • I like your idea for a vacuum bubble! I’m the housekeeper here, too, and I try to demand stripping and washing of hands in the garage, but the boys and man just don’t listen….

          I do like my central vac, but will admit to the hose laying out almost always on the main floor. 😳 I use a dyson on the second floor, because it is just easier, and sometimes I can get the boys to vacuum, but they tend to pull too much on the central vac hose, disturbing the connection. If I had to buy a new one, I’d probably buy it at costco, because they have such a great return policy, and if you hated it, or it didn’t work well enough, you could just return it for something else. Good luck!

        • EOS,
          You develop the Bubble and I’ll land the investment capital, We’ll cook up the business model in between. Say, begin with a 50/50 split? Minimal upfront load and tack production cost to the back end. Call it the EOS 5000 or something science-y like that.I want the very first production model, however. Can we make it give dog baths, too? We can Beta test on my husband’s worthless cat. How ’bout another spin cycle for the kitty? Weeee. Won’t that be fun?

          In the same vein: I thought if I created some sort of form fitting leg molds that allows one to step in and push a button, then melding to the legs suddenly and rapidly suctioning off every single hair from top to tippy toes..instant wax job. Optional attachments would include apparatus for eye brows, a Brazil wax or ordinary Bikini wax. Good idea, right? The only problem I can’t resolve..yet is the liability for some doofus suctioning off an important body part or the face. Maybe partner up with a somewhat shady cosmetic surgeon. y’know, just in case.

  8. Libertarian Advocate

    SO Cristobal. Looks like younger brother Gideon really did SCOOP you big time with this story…

    MH370 flew to Iran is becoming ever more plausible by the second. I’m betting ha-Mossad le-Modiin ule-Tafkidim Meyuhadim is monitoring this quite closely.

    • The thing that concerns me is: can we really trust the Malaysians? Aren’t they like, totally Third World? Mud huts, throwing sticks and rocks, bones through their nasal passages and such? Could be they sold the thing to pay for oh, I dunno, some form of ObamaCare. Sold it to the highest bidding terrorist Bloc ready to pack full of dirty bombs, weaponized Small Pox, Ebola Zaire, Trench Foot, Hoof and Mouth, Ptomaine Poisoning and who knows what else. Probably Hanta Virus, too. The longer this search farce continues, the more disconcerting it becomes. I’m just not buying the we can’t find it song and dance, anymore. I begin to suspect a conspiracy afoot.

      • Libertarian Advocate

        KL in the SW is petty modern and hip. The northeastern region is VERY conservative.

    • Yos

      One can bet everyone in the neighborhood is nervous. So… the pilot’s imam… sunni or shia? That may bear on whether it settled in Iran or Pohki-Stohn.

  9. This is going to lead to another sharp stick in the eye for us, somewhere down the road. [Disclaimer, in absolutely NO WAY am I diminishing the events and consequences of 9/11, even the mighty bunny would never dare go that far….so’s you know.] I smell it coming. Something is way wrong with this. I certainly hope no one here had family or friends on that flight. If it did crash, more than a week bobbing in the ocean, crunching the probability numbers equals not real good odds. Hijacking or terrorists? The Oracle of Numbers predicts well against that as well.

  10. housecat

    Actually, I buy my lottery tickets at East Putnam Variety, CC. They don’t sell 40s or MadDog, though. (Damn)

    • EOSredux

      Brother, I am getting old. I had to Google 40s. 🙂 MadDog I knew, not sure if that’s good or bad, but I did know it. 40s is a new addition to my Urban Dictionary. Thanks for keeping me a hip happening gal Housecat.

  11. Does CT not have Blue Laws like here in PA? You can buy MadDog at a variety store? MadDog 20/20, that stuff?

    • housecat

      Yep. MD 20/20 and MadDog are one and the same. And, you’re right. The laws are pretty strict re who can sell liquor (no variety stores). There is a nice liquor/wine store (no 40s or mad dog) a few doors down from the vac repair shop Cos Cobber was referring to. I was just ribbing him with the “licka’ and lotto” remark.

  12. AJ

    Plane downed by pterodactyl pecking on tail and wings. And, as can be seen in this clip, this pterodactyl is a persistent pecker, indeed.

  13. Now there is one of the finest examples of alliteration I’ve seen in a long, long time! “Pterodactyl is a persistent pecker..” Rock on, AJ!

  14. Greenwich Gal

    Cos Cobber – That vacuum cleaner store in CC sure has crazy hours. And quite the colorful owner/manager. But I can’t abide her whack a do business schedule so I go to Vinci’s home store instead. All Miele all the time.

    • Cos Cobber

      What, you don’t like my store? I kid of course. Never been in myself, but your summary isnt too surprising given the wackadoo storefront appearance.

      And FWIW – we are Miele household – one of their newer midsized lightweight models and we are pretty happy with it.