More of the same

Smug in Cos Cob - Greenwich RTC

Smug in Cos Cob – Greenwich RTC

Jim Campbell unanimously reelected to head Greenwich Republican party. “We’re the party of stasis,” Campbell crowed to FWIW. “We keep MISA going, the school board stuffed with yes men, and taxes on a steady climb. We’re the party of steady habits and we’re proud of it.”

UPDATE: Turns out I jumped the gun, and this is an article from two years ago – the “election” will in fact be held next week, on the 26th. I pulled this, on the thought that I’d save it for then but on reconsideration I’ve put it back up, because it will be as true then as it is now. You always get the local news here at FWIW, sometimes before it happens!

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  1. Greenwich Taxpayer

    Yep the RHINOs will be back to lead Greenwich down the GHS remediation path to the tune of millions of our tax dollars. There were highly qualified candidates that got tossed to the curb because they dared to believe in a transparent party. But Tesei doesn’t want transparency when he goes for his fifth term and Campbell and his cronies will deliver on that promise. What fools there are on the RTC. They will follow the lead buffalo over the cliff without a sound. Republican party is exclusive, not inclusive and new faces need not apply.