No tornadoes, no hurricanes, what’s a global warming profiteer to do?




Number of hurricanes hits 30 year low.


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18 responses to “No tornadoes, no hurricanes, what’s a global warming profiteer to do?

  1. Inagua

    The settled science might become slightly less settled. The American Physical Society has just appointed a balanced, six-person committee to review its stance on climate change. This is like a 17th century Cardinal saying to the Pope, “Let’s re-think Galileo’s idea about the Earth orbiting the Sun.”

    • AJ

      Aristarchus, 310 BC — 230 BC, put forward the idea that the Earth rotates on its axis and revolves around the Sun. Sometimes it takes a while for reality to sink in, particularly when it runs contrary to what any fool knows.

  2. housecat

    11:00 pm? Isn’t it past your bedtime? I thought morning people were never awake at this hour.

  3. TheWizard

    I fully expect them to say the lull in storms is due to climate change, and it’s just a precursor to doom.

    It’s convenient when one’s manufactured crisis can fit any size.

  4. Chris R.

    easily explained away by the mantra: “weather and climate are different”.

  5. AJ

    No tornadoes, no hurricanes, but plenty of blowhards. It’s a strong wind that emanates from D.C.

  6. The new ACORN
    Phone and pen guy only wants 1billion from us to put his rubber boots in every Town…they have been here for years…..
    Calf slaughtered by the Green Slime ….

  7. AJ

    Now, in the name of safety, Metro North will record every word you say, everything you do. No more private conversations on the train ride into New York. But if it prevents just one train from derailing . . .

    ‘New York Trains To Install Audio, Video Recorders’

    “New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced its plan to install several thousand audio and video recorders on its commuter trains Wednesday, reportedly in response to federal safety recommendations.

    According to the National Transportation Safety Board, several derailments last year have prompted the need for vast surveillance on a majority of the city’s trains.

    “We will be systematically implementing recommendations put forward by the NTSB and other regulators to ensure the best practices are adhered to throughout the MTA family,” MTA chairman Thomas Prendergast said.

    Transportation officials claim the surveillance technology will be focused on conductors and their staff to ensure proper safety guidelines are followed.

    “Safety must come first at Metro-North,” Metro-North President Joseph Giulietti said. “Safety was not the top priority. It must be and it will be.” …”

    • Fred2

      Absolutely and now they’ll have video and audio, they can comb through after the bomb explodes. Quick, someone name ONE real world example where surveillance video stopped anything important before it happened.

      I’m willing to believe that sometime in the future we will have computer systems able to parse 1000’s of audio and video streams in real time, make correlations to event int he past and identify suspicious behavior and pre-crime.

      But by that time the computers will probably already have all the remaining humans in a zoo, probably beside the chimps and will have elaborate breeding programs to make sure we do not go extinct.

      • AJ

        Yes, but it’s not being carried out to surveil passengers in order to ferret out would be terrorists but to prevent trains from derailing, such as the train on the Hudson Line did back in December, by surveilling the conversations and actions of the train’s conductors. The fact that all the passenger’s actions and conversations will also be recorded and stored is incidental. Right. Of course.

  8. AJ

    The best way to fix Washington — herd them all into a bariatric chamber, pump in the oxygen, and crank up the pressure (the best way to cure being infected by anaerobic slime without having to resort to cutting off the infected limb).

  9. AJ

    Riker and Piccard press on to the Situation Room where they are met by the “Commander in Chief”.

  10. AJ

    Ten out of ten Skeksis agree — global warming is real.