Open House tour results

8 Watchtower Lane

8 Watchtower Lane

Really just one that caught my eye, 8 Watchtower Lane, Havemeyer, $1.729 million, which is a very good price in this market (tip of the hat to Shore & Country, who priced it). The listing shows it as built in 1953 but it was totally redone – I’d be surprised if there’s anything original except the foundation – in 2010, and it’s in excellent condition, with a huge new kitchen and all the rooms modern tastes demand. Plus, it has a walk-up, usable attic, which in these days of FAR restrictions, is a fast-disappearing amenity.

Watchtower itself is one of my favorite streets because you can see Long Island Sound stretching out in the distance and the sense of space that lends to crowded suburbia is really a great feature. Nice neighbors, too.

If this were 2010, say, I might think $1.529 would be closer to the right price, but houses in this fine condition, in Old Greenwich, are scarce, and I expect this will sell quickly, at very close to this price. Nice home.

Note: the pictures of this house don’t do it justice – definitely should be seen in person. The internet is essential to real estate searches these days, but not sufficient in some cases, and this is one of those cases.


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28 responses to “Open House tour results

  1. Cos Cobber

    The house seems bigger than 2800 sq ft as listed. And is one of the four bedrooms in the attic?

    Should land a contract quickly. Nice renovation – particularly the interiors.

    • No, the attic is unfinished, and you’re right, the house does feel large – in a good way,of course.

      • Cos Cobber

        Okay, so the 2800 must be the finished 1st and second floor at roughly 1500 and 1300 (1st floor has the cathedral ceiling in the kitchen). And the 2800 excludes the garage.

  2. anon

    What’s the history of the street name? First inhabited by a Jehovah Witness?

  3. Lots of site potential.
    Another example of a home attached to a garage…..courtyard would be an easy improvement….

  4. Patrick

    They paid $848 for it in 2010. Looks like they added a top to a ranch. I’m guessing there’s $400-500k profit in this.

  5. Cos Cobber

    Maybe this is BigMike making his move.

    • BigMike

      CC -I thought about changing my screen name after a mom at drop off said….you read fountains blog, you must be BigMike!
      But after long, deep, introspective analysis, and you dropping a “BigMike” above, I decided to throw #23 back on.
      It was warm enough today for me hit a few hundred balls locally.
      I guess I will stay in town, for now.
      Wish this was me clearing 400-500k!
      A small piece of this tidy profit would take care of the jr. Initiation fee I so dearly want to pull the trigger on.
      I got to walk the kids home from school today too.
      All of the sudden, I love my home again.

      On another note, not sure my holly’s survived the winter.
      A September planting may have been too late.

  6. Patrick

    Big Mike – I hope it works out for you. Nice house so I’m sure it will sell quickly and you did a nice job on the renovation.

    Out of curiosity what’s your strategy – rent long term, buy another house in town,move to another town?

    The reason why I ask is that renovations are hard and finding a nice house that is reasonably priced (for greenwich) is even harder. You’ve done all the hard work…why move?

    • BigMike

      Patrick. I did a few renovations of my own home.
      CC thought this listing was mine, it is not.
      I bought mine last summer
      I have no real intention of leaving town.

      I would suggest buying a house like the one this used to be.
      Finding a builder who will renovate it for you.
      This way you can be all in around 1.3-1.5 million.

      It’s best to ask around with people who are doing it already.
      I have spoken with several people in the middle of full scale renovations, and the majority are not happy because of cost over runs, extended time to finish, and mistakes on parts of the job.

      It’s never easy.

      I made the mistake of living in my house during a lot of it.
      My one piece or advice, don’t do that.

      It’s obviously more expensive to float two properties, but in the end it saves you from some seriously tense moments.

      It’s like surgery, you shouldn’t watch because until It’s done, it ain’t pretty.

  7. sam

    bet it goes for more. 1,850,000.

    • It wouldn’t shock me if it went for more than asking; not sure as high as $1.850 though. If it had a two-car garage, maybe. Regardless, the sellers will do well on this.

    • BigMike

      1.850 would be $660/sq.ft
      A year ago there were sales of brand new homes right around that 1.8-2m price range, and more like 5 beds, 3500-4000 sq.ft

    • GreenITCH

      Ill Digress and say that this sells for less than ask . I don’t think it is necessarily overpriced and while houses NoPo do sell for this amount you can get a better bargain as Big Mike pointed out in Riverside or OG . As well on the point of those coming up from NYC and in and around town , anecdotally speaking , those house holds spending less than $2.0 m on shelter tend to send their children to the local public schools as opposed to the private schools .

      • BigMike

        Over ask would surprise me too
        This isn’t Riverside walk to train.

        This is Riverside, walk to NMS/Dundee, and then join the rich kids @ eastern 🙂

  8. BigMike

    2m seems to be the upper limit for Havemeyer Park.
    And it has so far meant brand new, or almost new
    And 4500 sq.ft give or take.

    Even Hillcrest park rarely breaches the $2m limit
    And in there you get an acre or more, whereas in Havemeyer and/or NOPO like where we are, it’s more like 1/4 to 1/3 of an acre.

  9. sam

    “I need to get out of NYC.” “I need to stop the tax extortion in Westchester.” “I want to make sure I have a house for the Fall school year.” “I don’t expect much more to come on the market.” “I need to get something NOW before rates go up another solid point.” That’s how it gets to 1,850,000. Different world from twelve months ago. Over thirty years,…very justifiable.

    • BigMike

      Maybe you’re right
      That would be sweet by the way!
      I paid less than half that 9 months ago 🙂

    • Joey

      Relax, brother. Greenwich ain’t NYC and we are not in 2007 either. In the burbs people who move fast lose.

  10. sam

    Okay, Joey, you’re right. Ever paid 90k a year for private elementary schools in new york for two kids? know anything about the impending inflation? Want to keep your nyc income, but not endanger your family in bill deblasio’s brave new world? Want to avoid flooding and having construction trucks on your block for two years? This house will gleam at a few buyers this wknd. Or next. 1.85 at 3.4 interest rate is a bargain compared to waiting a year and paying for the same house 1.7 at 4.4 percent.

    • BigMike

      I will say it again.
      The perspective that this blot offers is for real.

    • Joey

      The taxes have always been high in Westchester. People go there because they can’t imagine living outside of the state and they don’t know the value of money. Bill deblasio is a tool. He has no independent thought and can’t go against the rich because the hollowing out of NYC. There are not too many poor people left. I am not telling you not to buy in Greenwich. It is a great place. Just make sure you get a deal and know how much stuff costs before you buy. Don’t listen to Real estate agents (conflicted) and don’t listen to your neighbors (how often have they bought a house). I have no view on this house. I have never seen it. It looks a bit over priced but you can’t know until you see it.

  11. sam

    Joey. You can buy a brownstone in brooklyn for around 2.0 mil that will fit a family of four. Still have to pay for schools. Still have to be out of Manhattan. 45 minute subway ride. NY income tax of 25k (conservatively) parking, griminess, closest water is coney island. Sticking with 1.85. Downside is that Metro North ain’t getting any better!

  12. BigMike

    Metro north will be subsidized for ever.
    Don’t worry about it