The Yakee wins! Thaaaaaaaah Yakee wins!

Unity session - Greenwich Democrats sing Kumbaya after raucous leadership battle

Unity session – Greenwich Democrats sing Kumbaya after raucous leadership battle

After a fierce internecine battle, one that saw both sides employ stink bombs, switchblades and revocation of parking permits, Democrat Francis Fudrucker defeats challenger Beth Crumbcake by exactly one vote.

Fudrucker was magnanimous in victory, telling FWIW, “the lady was just doing what she was told to do by her boss, Peter Tesei, and I understand that – a strong, dominant alpha-male like Tesei can have his way with many women, and Beth, I’m told, is a woman. So I forgive her,” he said, adding “but just because you forgive someone doesn’t mean you have to stop hating her.”


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12 responses to “The Yakee wins! Thaaaaaaaah Yakee wins!

  1. FromTheTips

    “Just because you forgive someone, doesn’t mean you have to stop hating them”
    I like that one!

  2. AJ

    And to think, if he hadn’t backed the philosophical spawn of the Guru, he probably could have won by two votes. What will Fudrucker’s next progeny project be? One can only imagine.

  3. Greenwich Taxpayer

    RTC executive committee voted to endorse Jim Campbell and his cronies after Tom “I can win the governorship this time, really I can” publicly endorsed Campbell, who wants Foley to win so he can finally get a real job. Both parties are pathetic. The status quo wins and we are poorer for it.

  4. Stanwich

    I think the casual reader of your blog totally misses your humor. I, on the other hand, am laughing out loud at this post.

  5. housecat

    What’s a yakee?

  6. Democrat

    Congrats Frank!

    • Great inside gossip on how the victory went down but I probably can’t share it. I suppose I can hint that Jeff Ramer, Esq., was partly to blame for his candidate’s defeat which, for those of us who dislike pompous attorneys, is a fun thing to contemplate.

  7. DTC peron

    I’m not a Fariker supporter but at last nights meeting he delivered. His speech was amazing and I liked what I heard. I went into the meeting undecided but after hearing Beth speak I quickly realized the Frank would be the one I vote her. Beth brings with her Ed Krumeich someone most people think is loud and obnoxious, Malloy didn’t appoint him judge maybe because of his past actions

  8. Democrat

    I was happy when I read last night results. Farriker at least tries putting forth a differencing opinion. Congrats!

  9. Former DTC member

    The looks in the room on Jennifer Dayton and Laura Ericksons face when Frank won was priceless. Laura turned pale white.

    My advice again Erickson… Start paying more attention to BOE and educational issues and less attention to DTC RTC politics. You unsuccessfully defeated the chair. Get over it!

  10. hmmm

    still one of the best pictures of ff, absolutely love it