They’re not in Kansas anymore

Hurry, hide! Al Gore's coming to lecture us!

Hide! Al Gore’s coming to lecture us!

Third straight year of record low tornado activity.

2007, NASA: Global warming will spawn severe storms, tornadoes.

2011: The Atlantic: Global warming unleashing more tornadoes

2013: UN advisor Jeffrey Sachs: tornadoes caused by human-induced global warming.

Climate liars like Rupert Murdoch & Koch Brothers have more & more blood on their hands as climate disasters claim lives across world.

— Jeffrey D. Sachs (@JeffDSachs) November 10, 2013

Why don’t people like me take anthropomorphic global warming seriously? Because of fraudulent scare-mongers like these.


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5 responses to “They’re not in Kansas anymore

  1. anony

    It’s not about the weather, it’s about redistribution:

    Some German guv minister admitted that several years ago.

  2. anony

    As limited resources plague the working class, the wealthy, insulated from the problem, “continue consuming unequally” and exacerbate the issue, the study said.

    So, it is AlGore’s fault.

  3. Kerry is right….Global Warming has killed millions and stymied the lives of even more.
    Denying Coal & Nuclear Energy plants all over the World by Global Warming mongers has been doing it for years.
    International trials with death sentence by Solar Powered Guillotine?
    Add in DDT denial and the blade would be busy….

  4. Yos

    Why don’t people like me take anthropomorphic global warming seriously?

    ‘Kuz it’s Anthropogenic Global Warming, you silly person. That, and it’s a pagan religion, just like the Religion of Piece.