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Here’s a place to start saving those administrative dollars

Paula Johnson, "Principal of the Year" - no shit

Paula Johnson, “Principal of the Year” – no shit

After a media firestorm, school administrators in Virginia have reversed their decision to suspend and expel student who wrested razor blade from suicidal boy.

A Virginia beach middle school suspended sixth grader Adrionna Harris for ten days — and recommended expulsion — because she was briefly in possession of a razor blade after she confiscated it from a friend who was trying to kill himself.

Last week at Bayside Middle School in Virginia Beach, Va., Harris found a classmate attempting to cut his own arm with a tiny razor blade. She grabbed it from him and threw it away. Harris told WAVY.com that she didn’t have time to get a teacher or administrator–the boy was in the act of trying to harm himself.

“There was not a teacher in sight while this boy was cutting himself, she felt like it was almost like a 911 situation that she had to help immediately, like there wasn’t time to find a teacher,” said Adrionna’s mother in a statement.

Adrionna noted that she threw the razor blade away immediately. “I was just trying to help,” she said. “I didn’t like flash it or wave it at anyone. I took it and threw it away.”

But possession of a razor blade — even for mere seconds, even if there was a very good reason — violates the school district’s zero tolerance weapons policy. Harris was suspended for 10 days. Administrators recommended her for expulsion. 

It doesn’t matter that the school board, after refusing to even return phone calls from the girls parents and keeping her from school for four days, finally succumbed to media pressure and held a hearing yesterday, where they let her return. They should be fired for being idiots and unqualified to play any role in any child’s education.

Here’s a fun fact about Paula Johnson, principal at Bayside Middle School: She was named “principle of the year in 2013” for “her work in collaborative leadership and professional learning communities, her dedication to college readiness and her personification of personalization.” What the F?


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King Tut must be spinning in his pyramid

Going their way? Buddhist "burial"

Going their way? Buddhist “burial”

Greens go organic in burial ritual – no more boxes no more icky embalming fluids – straight to mother Gaia.

The new trend is for families of the dead to skip the traditional embalming, elaborate casket and concrete box and simply wrap the dead in a cloth shroud and put the body into the earth.

A Washington, D.C., cemetery is being recognized for helping lead the green drive. And not just any cemetery.

The Historic Congressional Cemetery reported on Friday that it has been certified as a “Hybrid Service Provider from the Green Burial Council.” They said Congressional is the only cemetery within a 100-mile radius of Washington to get the certificate.

“Green burial options are increasingly popular with pre-planning baby boomers and other socially and environmentally conscious individuals,” said cemetery president Paul K. Williams, “and with the designation, we are proud to be the only cemetery in the Washington D.C. metropolitan region to qualify to date.”


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Two contracts reported


70 North Street

70 North Street

70 North Street, $1.525 million. This originally started off at $1.595, and the owners’ reluctance to drop much below that price undoubtedly hindered its quick sale. Still, a buyer has appeared. I thought the house held promise notwithstanding its location smack on the busiest section of North Street. Some major renovation is called for, but it could be done while still remaining in the reasonable zone, I think.





7 Binney

7 Binney

And 7 Binney finally has a contract. It’s been asking $3.995 million. The owners bought it new for $4.950 back in 2007 and put in a pool (at the expense of its tiny back yard) and other improvements, then tried reselling it for $5.450 in 2010, pulled it, and returned it at $5.1  in 2012, with a series of price reductions since.


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Trouble at the Early Bird Saloon

Get your own f**king oatmeal, hash bag!

Get your own f**king oatmeal, hash bag!

Fighting oldsters down at the four o’clock banquet

Police say Moore recently had stents put in his heart and was afraid the woman was going to hurt him. But he looked fear straight in the face and said “Get out of here, fear.” And that’s when police say he grabbed the woman’s arms and pushed them away causing her to fall to the floor.

Now this is where it gets a little hazy.  Somewhere in the melee, police say Richards threw a plate of food hitting another patron. That patron was 62-year-old Fay Cardwell. Cardwell is expected to survive but did receive a knot on her shin and knee from the impact.

But with every crime, the lines can be blurry. Employees told police that the whole thing started when the 69-year-old Moore, with stints in his heart, went around Richards in line to pay while she was getting a drink.

But police apparently didn’t buy that he was at fault and arrested Richards who told them “just take me to the f***in’ jail then.”

The foul mouthed senior with the million dollar arm was charged with two counts of assault and battery and jailed on a $1500 secured bond.

Gotta love the author’s initiative in coming up with this quote:

“It starts when you begin to overlook good manners. Any time you quit hearing Sir and Mam the end is pretty much in sight…”  – Cormac McCarthy, No Country for Old Men 



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Solution for Back Country White Elephantitis


Landlord and tenants relax at Conyers Farm

Landlord and tenants relax at Conyers Farm

Owners of too-big houses turn to renting out rooms.

A surprising number of luxury homeowners are taking on tenants for reasons both pecuniary and personal. Whether looking for a pet-sitter or a like-minded neighbor, owners are seeking out these arrangements to make the most of their space. These set ups can work out well, though things can get messy when these homes go on the market.

It is a situation that may be more common than it seems. The Demand Institute, a nonprofit research group run by the Conference Board and Nielsen, surveyed more than 10,000 homeowners and renters nationwide. The study, released in February, found that 5% of respondents across all markets were “doubling up”—when two or more unrelated adults live together. But that number was 7% in the most affluent housing markets, which it defined as roughly the top 10% of communities based on a number of socioeconomic measures, including median home value.

One possible reason is that luxury homeowners can be just as burdened by housing costs as the less affluent, says Louise Keely, chief research officer at the Demand Institute. Of the households in the top-tier markets that were polled, 41% said they spend 30% or more of their income on housing, which is the same percentage as in other markets.

Of course, it’s not all mimosas by the pool, however.

[C]lose quarters has its downsides. “It is very ‘Melrose Place’ here sometimes,” Mr. Printz jokes, referring to the soapy TV drama. Once, Mr. Printz was hosting a weekday cocktail party when he got a text from a tenant: “OMG it’s Tuesday at 1 a.m.—do you mind?” He was mortified, but contrite. “It takes some [nerve] to tell your landlord to shut up.” Still, he says he’s friendly with all the tenants, and invites them over regularly for parties.


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People get ready


O'shaughnessy family goes shopping

O’shaughnessy family goes shopping

Greenwich Bog Trotters prepare for St. Patrick’s Day.


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Got a parking ticket? Tell it to the Marines – oh, don’t bother; they already know


A ticket? You can't handle a ticket. WE panhandle a ticket.

A ticket? You can’t handle a ticket. WE can handle a ticket.

Naval Intelligence controls data base of every parking ticket, pawn shop transaction and convictions for bestiality committed in this country.

A parking ticket, traffic citation or involvement in a minor fender-bender are enough to get a person’s name and other personal information logged into a massive, obscure federal database run by the U.S. military.

The Law Enforcement Information Exchange, or LinX, has already amassed 506.3 million law enforcement records ranging from criminal histories and arrest reports to field information cards filled out by cops on the beat even when no crime has occurred.

LinX is a national information-sharing hub for federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. It is run by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, raising concerns among some military law experts that putting such detailed data about ordinary citizens in the hands of military officials crosses the line that generally prohibits the armed forces from conducting civilian law enforcement operations.

Those fears are heightened by recent disclosures of the National Security Agency spying on Americans, and the CIA allegedly spying on Congress, they say.

Eugene Fidell, who teaches military law at Yale Law School, called LinX “domestic spying.”

“It gives me the willies,” said Fidell, a member of the Defense Department’s Legal Policy Board and a board member of the International Society for Military Law and the Law of War.

Fidell reviewed the Navy’s LinX website at the request of the Washington Examiner to assess the propriety of putting such a powerful database under the control of a military police entity.

“Clearly, it cannot be right that any part of the Navy is collecting traffic citation information,” Fidell said. “This sounds like something from a third-world country, where you have powerful military intelligence watching everybody.”


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Apparently he learned nothing at Citi about admitting a bad trade


144 Pecksland Rd

144 Pecksland Rd

144 Pecksland Road is back with yet another broker, but still at the same price that failed to move it for the past 730 days, $3.995 million. The owner, former head of Citi and presumably someone who at least dabbled in trading during his professional career, paid $4.1 million for this in 2001 and has been trying to sell it since April, 2012, when he listed it for $4.3. He dropped the price to $3.995 three months later and there it’s sat, both price and, not surprisingly, house, ever since.

Hark! The market is speaking, fella – you blew it.


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Feel better now?

Connecticut spending per pupil is up, in constant dollars, 170% since 1972 while SAT scores have declined. The liberals’ response is to increase that spending because surely, if enough money is thrown into the system things will improve, just as the War on Poverty, trillions of dollars later, has eradicated poverty.



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