A bargain on Juniper Hill Road?

7 Juniper Hill Road

7 Juniper Hill Road

The listing for 7 Juniper Hill Road, (Raveis listing)  asking $2.995 million (up from $2.795 – go figure),  says, “Greenwich address, Stamford taxes”. I’m told that the owner – a lawyer, naturally – went down to our town hall and got a ruling that enough of the property is in Greenwich to entitle her to beach privileges and possibly, depending on the location of the property line, our schools (the law provides that if some part of the physical residence straddles the line, an owner can choose which school district she wishes to use). If this is accurate, especially the schools, but even the beach access, to a lesser extent, this house is a crying steal. Couldn’t touch this 2010 construction for under $4 million in “Greenwich”. I’d look into it or better yet, have me look into it for you.

This situation is different, by the way, from the one described by Greenwich Time’s real estate columnist, who a few weeks ago erroneously stated that homes off Taconic that are entirely located in Stamford but use a Greenwich convenience address are entitled to all the privileges of Greenwich residency: they aren’t; at least a portion of the residence must be physically located in Greenwich for the owner to have access to our schools. I was a little disappointed to see that, a week after publishing that bit of misinformation the columnist brought a listing on the market that was in the very area he’d written about. Misinforming the public is one thing,  not disclosing an interest in making that “error” is another.

Or that’s what I think, anyway.


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8 responses to “A bargain on Juniper Hill Road?

  1. Anonymous

    thats how people in greenwich operate these days

  2. Sorry to say I spent time on this one in court back in 1996 or so. The house and building permit were all Stamford. It was a different owner/builder then. A thin strip of land along the easterly edge of Juniper Hill and all of the roadway is in Greenwich.

    Enter the address in Google Maps, and you can see the Town Line shaded along with the house locations in the respective Towns.

    Some taxes are paid in Greenwich, and therefore certain land rights result. Public School access in Greenwich not being included.

  3. AndyD

    Why in the world would you want Stamford prop taxes or point that out? Way higher than Gtown.

    • Because while taxes are higher in Stamford, a house like this in Greenwich would cost $750,000 more, and up. That covers a lot of taxes, especially if you’re only staying for five years or so, like most people. And Juniper Hill is much closer to downtown Greenwich than a lot of other areas of Greenwich.